Cardi B Invites JoJo Siwa On Christmas, Fans Wonder 'What's Going On'

Cardi B Invites JoJo Siwa On Christmas, Fans Wonder ‘What’s Going On’

Cardi B hosted the American Music Awards for the first time at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, and she soon made headlines for her outspokenness, something she is well known for. The ‘WAP’ singer took advantage of the opportunity to chat with JoJo Siwa; who was in the crowd, about how she was unable to book the singer and dancer for her daughter Kulture Kiari’s birthday celebrations.

Cardi B joked about the dancer not being available despite her rapper husband Offset trying to book her for the party while giving a shout-out to JoJo. The 29-year-old hip-hop legend then proceeded to invite JoJo over for Christmas right then on the spot; claiming that rappers have nothing on her. Later, when JoJo took the stage to announce the winner, she expressed interest in meeting Cardi’s daughter.

JoJo even joked about accepting Bitcoin as payment. Cardi B won Best Rap/Hip-Hop Song for her song “Up” for the uninitiated. During the award show, the rap star made headlines for her eight distinct outfits. Cardi B kicked off the evening and offered the audience an incredible moment after a big entrance at the 2021 AMAs. “Let me tell y’all this story. So, my husband, he was trying to get JoJo Siwa for my daughter’s birthday party but she is booked and busy,” she said.

The rapper requested, “So JoJo Siwa could you please come see my daughter at Christmas?” adding, “I know you cost a lot of money- let me tell you something, y’all- rappers don’t got nothing on JoJo Siwa”. JoJo Siwa acknowledged the invitation as well, promising Cardi B that she would “see what I can do” and “try to make Christmas happen.”

JoJo Siwa Asks For Cardi’s Vote In Return

The teen celebrity added that she is putting in on her phone and said she takes bitcoin. However, she changed her mind immediately and asked for her to vote for her tomorrow night in the season finale of DWTS. Referring to the show she is currently participating in. JoJo then concluded, “Alright seriously though, I can’t wait to meet Kulture. She is being raised by a superstar. She’s a legend, Cardi B.”

Cardi and JoJo’s relationship has gone viral on social media. A fan said, “Cardi B admitting she tried to book JoJo Siwa for her daughter’s birthday party… I’m obsessed”. Another posted, “Cardi B said f**k Jojo Siwa’s team I’m gonna ask her on live television so she can’t say no LOL”. One user tweeted, “Jojo Siwa, who is apparently a person; must told Cardi B she takes bitcoin as payment, and, well; I just, I have no idea what is going on anymore.”

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