BTS ARMY Says Band Cheated On Them In BTS x Coldplay’s My Universe

BTS has overcome their domination all over the world and now they have paved their path to unfamiliar territory. The band appeared in outer space in the new music video for their highly-anticipated collaboration with Coldplay.

Their collaboration was epic for ARMY on its own but now that their music video involves the outer world, fans are speechless. The collaboration was released on September 24 as fans waited patiently for both the bands to sweep them off with their music. Fans loved the interaction between BTS and Coldplay’s Chris Martin in the form of behind-the-scenes videos as well.

Coldplay released the official music video for the single, My Universe and fans saw BTS interacting with aliens. ARMY finally got to see what the bands were creating for several months. Coldplay had visited South Korea to record the song with BTS a few months ago. Fans were kept in the dark from finding interactions between Coldplay and BTS.

However, when finally the K-Pop band shared pictures and clips, ARMYs were emotional to know how much the band loved Coldplay. This is how they kept the entire thing a secret to surprise fans. Coldplay had performed the song live soon after its release on the stage for Global Citizen Live Festival.

The British band performed the song as fans got to see BTS in the form of a live video performance from South Korea. But this was not the end as Coldplay announced that both the band will have a music video too. The music video dropped at 1 pm KST (12 am ET) and ARMYs saw a collaboration that was literally out of the world.

BTS ARMY Pokes Fun At Members As They Want To Be Aliens Too

The video sees both BTS and Coldplay in the future where they are listening to music that was forbidden to the entire universe. To change that both Coldplay and BTS were two different planters who were joined by another DJ from a different planet. The video then shows the three music acts come together as one and enjoy music. There were silencers who were trying to hunt them down and it showcases a fun journey where BTS meets Coldplay virtually and many other aliens.

Fans pointed out that even after having ARMYs in the world, BTS chose to flirt with aliens from outer space. The reactions that the band got on the music video is getting funnier though. A fan asked, “Why were BTS flirting with aliens?” to which another fan responded, “This many ARMY’S here on earth but our Mans cheated on us with aliens.” A fan funnily posted images of RM (Namjoon) and said “Hopekook peacefully shooting with a green screen on and then watching they are flirting with aliens in mv.”

Another fan posted a screenshot and asked, “There are so many Army’s on the earth…they are flirting with aliens?” Naturally, fans started the trend about BTS flirting with aliens and the word Alien started trending. A fan said, “Alien is trending.. I wonder whether Twitter will give description as- “ARMYs are jealous seeing Jungkook and Hoseok (J-hope) flirting with Aliens through hologram”.


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