Britney Spears Latest Instagram Posts Says, Kiss My Butt

The American Songwriter and Singer, Britney Spears took to Instagram on Tuesday to post two cheeky photos. Britney has 36.5 million followers on Instagram. Recently she gone crazy, seeing massive support from fans over conservatorship.

Britney in Dark Red Lacy Thong Bodysuit

Britney Spears recently shared a very clear message for her haters! On November 16, the singer shared two cheecky photos to her Instagram page. She showed off her exquisite derriere in a dark red lacy thong bodysuit. “Second pic is the original and you heard me … should I say it again ?????? KISS MY MOTHER F***ING ASS 😘💋🍑 !!!!!”, Britney captioned, while sharing on social.  

However, she was rocking her beautifully blonde disheveled hair.Britney posed for the camera by looking over her left shoulder, looking at the lens with a sultry, focused look. The second photo was pretty much the same as the first, although somewhat unedited. Britney looked better than ever for the shot, touch-ups or not with her perfect behind and toned legs in full view. 

The 39-years old pop superstar fans were quick to support her photos and her message. Leaving exclamatory emojis and comments to the post. “GORGEOUS ❤️ TELL YOUR TRUTH 👏” one fan wrote. “Tell them honey! 🔥🔥🔥” another exclaimed. “Hot Queen ❤️” a follower simply responded, showing their appreciation for the pop icon.

Latest Freedom Post

The American songwriter added one more post to Instagram feed. Where Britney Spears rocked a bright yellow bondage style dress as she stared into the camera. “I can’t freaking believe it !!!! Again … best day ever !!!!” she captioned the second Instagram post. The blonde held her hands up to her ears as she brushed them against her signature blonde hair, showing off a bracelet stack on her left wrist. She also accessorized with a gold leaf necklace.

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