Break Dance Sport To Be Included In Olympics At The Paris 2024 Games

The World Olympic Committee’s pursuit of urban events to attract younger audiences saw street dance fights officially added to the 2024 Paris Games awards program.

Other New Sports

Also confirmed by Paris by the IOC executive council were ice skating rides, sports climbing and surfing.

Those three games will make their appearance at the Olympics at the Tokyo Games postponed due to the one-year coronavirus epidemic that will open on July 23, 2021.

The Changes

In line with the additions, the IOC made the release: The slide to 329 medals at Paris is less than 10 in Tokyo, including four lost from lifting weights, and the number of athletes in 2024 out of 10,500 is almost 600 less than next year.

Olympic Games: Breakdancing to make its Olympic debut at Paris 2024 - CNN

Two games with troubled governing bodies – boxing and lifting weights – have seen more cuts than the number of athletes in Paris.

Weight lifting should have 120 athletes in Paris, less than half of its total at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. The game could be completely discarded due to the historical problems of doping and IOC concerns about the speed and depth of change in the International Weightlifting Federation.

Equal Participation Of Men And Women

The IOC emphasized the priorities of Paris, and beyond the Los Angeles Games of 2028, that it would achieve the long-term goal of equal participation of male and female athletes, as well as many urban events.

With Paris promoters needing time to prepare for their project, the IOC kept its pre-epidemic plan to confirm the 2024 sports list this month even before others were tested in Tokyo.

Breakdancing will be called a break at the Olympics, as it was in the 1970s by hip-hop pioneers in the United States.

Breakdancing Is Officially an Olympic Sport | Pitchfork

It was proposed by the Paris organizers about two years ago after a positive test at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. Violations have passed other stages of approval in 2019 from separate IOC board decisions and full membership.

In Paris, crime has been given to the city’s location, joining sports promotions and 3-on-3 basketball at the Place de le Concorde.

Filtering will take place over 15,000 kilometers (9,000 miles) of the Pacific Ocean off the beaches of Tahiti, as the IOC has already agreed in March.

Of the 28 sports established, 41 more events were raised at Monday’s meeting.

All promotions were rejected, including rowing at sea and parkour, and changes were allowed only due to existing events being lowered. Two extreme boat events will replace boat events, and the men’s 50-kilometer trip will be replaced by a combined sex party event.

IOC’s Statement

The IOC said “reducing all events is crucial in curbing the growth of the Olympic program and additional costs.”

At another IOC business, Bach has confirmed that more than 11,000 competitors at the Tokyo Olympics should not stay in the official athletic district for every sport, to help reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Teams will be notified of the policy that athletes must arrive at their destination within five days of the start of the race and leave within two days of the end of the race.

Boxing is in the Tokyo system even though its governing body, known as AIBA, became known as the IOC last year.

The seven-member presidential election is being held this weekend and Bach said the AIBA was “well aware” of Olympic body complaints by some of the candidates, who did not identify them.

The IOC had doubts last year about a $ 16 million AIBA debt cancellation, if the Olympic sporting status is maintained, with Russian boxing official Umar Kremlev now running for office.

The AIBA election is set to take place as a panel of judges of the Court of Arbitration for Sport prepares a decision in a landmark case in Russia for drug abuse that could result in widespread penalties imposed on national sports.

Asked if Russia’s election campaigns were appropriate for the Olympic rallies at this time, Bach said: “It’s up to everyone to decide for themselves about any such proposal.”


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