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Brad Pitt to Join Jennifer Aniston for ‘Fast Times’ Virtual Table Read

Brad Pitt has officially joined a virtual live table read of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. It is for Dane Cook’s Feelin’ A-Live.

Apparently, Brad will be joining his ex, Jennifer Aniston and late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel. Along with them will be a number of other celebrities for the upcoming unrehearsed table read of the 1982 comedy.

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Few celebrities who have confirmed their presence are Matthew McConaughey, Julia Roberts, Shia LaBeouf, Morgan Freeman, and Henry Golding. Sean Penn will also be joining the list of celebrities. He starred in the Amy Heckerling-directed film as Jeff Spicoli. It recently celebrated its 38th anniversary.

The virtual event will be taking place on Friday, August 21, at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. It was originally supposed to begin on August 20. It will be on 21 because of the Democratic National Convention.

“Upon realizing Feelin’ A-Live was programmed opposite the DNC’s final night, we felt it was best to let the convention have its own evening, and then we’ll have ours,” Cook said in a statement. He said he could luckily shift around a few schedules and add some new cast members. “So we’re thrilled to now get to kick off your weekend with a Friday night broadcast,” Cook said.

Fans will be able to watch via CORE’s official Facebook and TikTok pages, as well as LiveXLive. It will also include a DONATE button and all the proceeds will be used for CORE. The humanitarian organization is co-founded by Sean Penn along with CEO Ann Lee. It will also benefit the REFORM Alliance and it is focused on passing laws to reform the criminal justice system. The alliance also protects the incarcerated population from the spread of COVID-19.

Sean Penn Brought in the Magic

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Fans will also be able to follow the virtual table read using the official hashtag, #FastTimesLive. Heckerling said that he is honored that talented, wonderful people are willing to get together to celebrate their movie. He further said, “And I’m a huge fan of Sean. He has such a big heart and I fully support CORE and all of his causes.”

Cameron Crowe, screenwriter said that Sean brought magic to them since day one and he is bringing that to the world. He continued, “We are so excited to be a part of this 2020 take on Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Thank you to this cast, and to Sean, for always honoring the best things in life, love, and creativity. It is, as a great man once said, totally awesome.”

Feelin’ Alive will be bringing together Brad and Jennifer again after their highly loved reunion at the backstage of SAG awards. Their reunion back in January was the first time they were photographed together after their divorce in 2005.

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Their photo was all over social media and fans couldn’t help but freak out about their reunion. There were a lot of throwback pictures that circulated again along with these pictures. The freak out also included celebrities like Mindy Kaling, Jamie Lynn Spears, and Rumer Willis.

Jennifer had addressed the public’s reaction and called it hysterical. She said, “But what else are they going to talk about?”

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