Brad Pitt Is Mentally Tired After War With Angelina Jolie

Indeed Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were amazingly together for years before they tied the knot. But unfortunately, the star couple two years after they walked down the aisle. They announced their separation in September 2016. While they were declared legally single in April 2019, the ex-power couple is still battling a messy court case regarding the custody of their children. The Hollywood couple has Pax (17), Zahara (16), Shiloh (15), and twins Knox and Vivienne (13).

Brad Pitt Is Mentally Tired After War With Angelina Jolie

While news of Brad going on dates since his and Jolie’s spit did make the headlines from the time to time. A source has now opened up about why he is not inclined towards dating. Brad Pitt doesn’t view dating as “a priority” at the moment, the insider added, “He’s just not mentally ready and doesn’t know when he next will be”.

The source added, “This whole war with Angelina has really taken its toll”. The same person further added, “Thankfully he has his own incredible willpower to count on, plus a wonderful support group and the tools he’s learned in recovery when times get super tough”.

Brad Pitt Attempt Of Kids Joint Custody Denied

Brad Pitt found himself asking the California Supreme Court to review his ongoing custody battle with ex-wife Angelina Jolie. And again he found himself hitting a roadblock. In September, Brad’s attorneys petitioned the high court to review the case after Judge John Ouderkirk taken off the case.

The previous ruling that granted Brad joint custody of his five minor children voided. On Oct 27, the high court upload the appellate court’s disqualification. Which was a blow to Brad’s quest to get more time with his little ones.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie with their kids

When it comes to raising her children, Angelina Jolie says she is “interested in all of the different elements of who they are,” and her top objective is to “be there to support and grow all of the different aspects of who they are.” “They’re fairly fantastic people,” Jolie, 46, told PEOPLE, “and I think they’ve had a very major effect on each other because there are so many of them.” It’s not as if I’m in charge of anything. With my children, I am completely open and honest. And when it comes to my children, I’m really emotional.”

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