Brad Pitt ‘Doesn’t Care’ If Angelina Jolie Gets Upset

Brad Pitt has been on the news since he was spotted with his rumored girlfriend, Nicole Poturalski. The couple took a trip to Chateau Miraval in the south of France last week.

However, exactly six years ago, Brad married ex Angelina Jolie in the same place. A source recently revealed that Brad does not care about Angelina being upset and decides to retaliate.

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The source revealed that taking Nicole to Miraval on their former wedding anniversary only means Brad knows what he is doing. Brad knows the reaction it can get from Angelina, the source informed. “He just doesn’t care if Angelina is going to lash out. He expects she will.”

This comes after reports of Angelina being worried about Brad dating Nicole because of the impact it will have on their kids. Angelina is said to have hit pause on her love life so that she could take care of her six children with Brad during the pandemic. Although it seems like the actress has her concerns with her ex’s new relationship.

According to a source, Angelina is worried about what impact the romance would have on their children. The source further clarifies that Angelina does care about who Brad dates because of the impact it would have on their children. But other than that she has no interest in knowing about her ex’s love life. It is also reported that the actress has no feelings for Brad in that front anymore.

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Jennifer and Brad Are Also Getting Close

The source continued: “She is long past having any kind of romantic feelings for Brad so on that level it’s a non-issue”. However, one issue has been of concern to Angelina. Sources reveal she has been dedicating her time to their children while he has been away embarking his new romance. He is also becoming close to ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are rumored to be getting closer again after years of staying apart. Meanwhile, Brad’s divorce with Angeline Jolie gets more intense ahead of the custody trial.

Brad and Angelina got married at the Chateau Miraval, located in the village of Correns, just over six years ago. The couple share six children, Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 12. The wedding was a private ceremony which had only a few guests and their children.

The couple filed for divorce in 2016, and they’re still engaged in an ongoing custody battle.

According to a source, Brad and Nicole landed in France late in August. Brad seems to be visiting France because he has to participate in a campaign for his wine. Nicole is reported to be staying with Brad while he is away in the vineyeard on weekends.

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The chateau was purchased by Brad and Angelina back in 2011 for $60 million. It is famous for its wine especially its rose. The actor has also recently launched his champagne.

Nicole Is In An Open Marriage

Brad Pitt was spotted with Nicole Poturalski sparking speculation of his new girlfriend. While all of his fans were hoping he would get back together with Jennifer Aniston as reports of them getting closer than ever have been doing the rounds.

However, his new girlfriend appears to be already married and in an open relationship. An entertainment portal reports that Brad seems to know about this arrangement and he is okay with it. Nicole’s husband also seems to be aware of the relationship and has no issues with the arrangement.

Last week, Page Six confirmed that Nicole and Brad are very much a couple. They were spotted together in France heading to the actor’s chateau in the French Riviera. The couple also has been spotted at a Kanye West concert and strolling together in Los Angeles.

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A source has revealed the couple has been seeing each other since last summer. DailyMail had reported that Nicole is married to Berlin restaurateur Roland Mary. Both Nicole and Roland share a seven-year-old together. It was also revealed that Brad met Nicole in her husband’s restaurant,  Borchardt.

Brad was in Berlin to promote Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. A friend of Nicole revealed, “Brad Pitt first met Nicole [Poturalski] in August last year at Borchardt which is her husband Roland’s restaurant. Brad Pitt has been coming to Borchardt for years.

Nicole and Brad Act Like Loved-Up Teenagers

The source added, “He knows Roland [Mary] and Nicole was at the restaurant when he came to celebrate his new film. Brad was introduced to Roland’s wife Nicole [Poturalski] and she passed him her number. Nicole travels a lot for her work as a fashion model and he connected with Brad Pitt while she was in LA for work.”

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Nicole’s friend also revealed that Roland is philosophical and he has been married several times and has five kids. The source also said that Roland does not like being jealous or negative. “They are still married but you could describe their relationship as an ‘open marriage.’” their friend said. However, Roland reportedly refused to offer a comment on the situation when contacted by Daily Mail.

According to another entertainment portal, when Brad and Nicole are together, they act like loved-up teenagers. The source said they were kissing and Brad was very attentive towards her. Further adding, they said, “He was in a semi-public place but didn’t seem to mind people seeing him. She’s a real beauty and obviously a lot younger than him.”

Brad Pitt has been on the news since a few days after being spotted with his rumored girlfriend, German model Nicole Poturalski. The actor has been dating the model for nine months and everybody is surprised.

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Brad was spotted entering a private jet in Paris so that he could bring his girlfriend to his châteaux in the south of France. The couple was also seen kissing at the airport.


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