Bob Ross As Hulk Instead Of Bruce Banner? Fan-Made Funko Makes It Real

Bob Ross As Hulk Instead Of Bruce Banner? Fan-Made Funko Makes It Real

A fan-made Funko pop imagines Bob Ross and The Hulk blended into adorable effect. In the Marvel Universe, the green superhero is the alter ego of Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. He is a physicist who becomes a victim of his own experiment.

The Hulk is first seen in The Incredible Hulk which was played by Edward Norton. But it later turned to Mark in The Avengers films, Iron Man 3, Thor: Ragnarok and Captain Marvel. Bruce transforms himself into the Hulk when he becomes angry after exposure to radiation. Banner and The Hulk both have different consciousness that has intertwined over time in the Marvel movies.

A fan-made Funko Pop mock-up posted by Instagram user popvinylguy imagines Hulk with a different human alter-ego, Bob Ross. The fan account posts parody drawings of the collectable vinyl figurines including product pitches to collector in-jokes. This latest Funko imagines what the Hulk would look like if he transformed into a painter and TV personality, Bob Ross.

Theoretically, some fans have pointed out that the late Bob Ross is the last person who should be taking up the job of The Hulk’s alter-ego. The painter is famous for his calming on-screen personality and is best known for his PBS show The Joy of Painting. Bruce Banner is clearly the opposite and relies on getting angry to transform into The Hulk. So fans are right, Bob might not be the ideal candidate to replace him in a theoretical universe.

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