BLACKPINK Is All Ready To Release Their Movie In India

  • The K-POP Group BLACKPINK have 4 pop stars- Jisso, Rose, Lisa and Jennie.
  • Popular all-girl K-Pop group is all set to make Indian theatrical debut. Blackpink is celebrating the fifth anniversary with the film ‘Blackpink: The Movie’ in Indian theatres on November 12.
Blackpink Finally Gets A Release Date In India

Each member of Blackpink possesses distinctive talent such as vocal, dancing, rapping, and musical skills while boasting perfect chemistry among the members. The film have diverse sequences focused on each and every member, some of which are: ‘The Room of Memories’; a segment looking back on five years of memories since their debut, ‘Beauty’; compelling shots of all four members with their distinct characteristics, ‘Exclusive Interviews’, a message for the fans.

Know About BLACKPINK Members

Lead singer Jisoo, real name Kim Ji Soo was born on January 3, 1995. Rapper Jennie (Kim) is 23 years old. Rosé was born on February 11, 1997, and is 22 years old. Lisa is also 22 years old, and celebrates her birthday on March 27.


Jisoo from Blackpink
Jisoo | BlackPink

Korean singer Jisoo is one of the lead singers in K-Pop band, Blackpink. The 24-year-old became a YG Entertainment trainee in 2011, training for five years to become a singer. She joined Blackpink in August 2016, and has since become a fan favourite. The star recently dyed her black hair a fiery red – looking good gurl!


Jennie | Chanel

She is a South Korean rapper, singer and model. The Blackpink star, 23, studied at ACG Parnell College in New Zealand from the age of 9, but moved back to South Korea in 2010. She also appeared in Big Bang’s G-Dragon music video.



Brunette beauty, Lisa, is reportedly the most followed K-Pop idol on Instagram, with over 17million followers. She was born in Bangkok, Thailand, but is based in South Korea. Her real name is Lalisa Manoban.



K-Pop star Roseanne Park’s birth name is Park Chaeyoung. She can play piano and guitar. She was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but grew up in Melbourne, Australia.

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