Black Eyed Peas TABOO Talks Ghost Rider with HipHopGamer

Being a fan of comics and Hip-Hop since birth, it was a natural progression for Taboo into the world of gaming. Inspired by the British Hip-Hop artist Daniel Dumile aka “MF Doom,” whose alter ego is derived from the Marvel character “Doctor Doom,” Taboo’s love for comics and Hip-Hop is based on its original roots.    

His admiration for iconic Hip-Hop artists such as Method Man, whose public allegiance to Marvel comic characters lit a fire into Taboo’s gaming psyche. In addition to being apart of the internationally popular musical group Black Eyed Peas, Taboo loves toys, comics, and comic cons. Con-goers like him are fans of the convention halls, where they meet their favorite comic writers and artists.  

After years of attending comic book conventions, he took his first steps into the comic book industry by joining Marvel comics as a writer.  

In conjunction with Benjamin Jackendoff, he launched Marvel’s Werewolf By Night as his first comic series. Prior to that, the pair collaborated together for Marvel Comics #1000, which focused exclusively on Red Wolf. He had the opportunity to write with B. Earl for Spirit of Vengeance: Spirit Rider #1, released earlier this year by Marvel.  

In the Werewolf By Night series launched last year, you’ll find a young man named Jake who deals with the consequences of a family curse and tries to protect his people in the Werewolf By Night series launched last year.  

Spirit of Vengeance: Spirit Rider #1 follows Johnny Blaze after his past allies were murdered. This is just the beginning. He has the powers of a Sorcerer Supreme, so he is able to determine why something or someone keeps haunting him. 

Taboo is an official Marvel Comic writer and contributor to the comic universe. He’s also composing “webtoons” in 2021. According to the term’s origins, “Webtoons” refers to online comics or webcomics. A distinguishing characteristic of Webtoons is their format, which makes them truly unique. Unlike newspaper comics or comic books, Webtoons are read horizontally on the screen rather than from left to right.  

Hip-Hop Gamer and Taboo talk about the future of gaming and overcoming personal tragedy  

Taboo goes one-on-one with the universally regarded #1 gaming journalist and gamer, HIPHOPGAMER. HIPHOPGAMER is a preeminent force in the world of gaming. His global strategic partnerships with Furia Esports, HOT 97, Logitech, and AMD illuminate his cache in the gaming universe.    

Taboo is the ultimate “Survivor” in life, and surrendering isn’t inside his DNA. Defying the odds in 2014, he confronted the gargantuan enemy of cancer. Entering into a boxing ring of the unknown, HIPHOPGAMER relied on faith, family, and God to champion his darkest moment in life. Taboo and B.Earl (Taboo’s business partner) sit down with HIPHOPGAMER for an epic interview. HIPHOPGAMER is super active on Twitch and Twitter.     


Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for several mainstream media sites and based in Palo Alto, California.

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