BizPay is helping businesses navigate complex recruitment conditions

For small and medium enterprises, hiring the right employees can make a world of difference; However, with countless candidates avid to land a position far too often, people fluff up their resumes to land jobs they are unqualified for, and ultimately it costs business time and money. Some businesses can afford recruitment firms to ensure quality hires the first go-around, giving them a competitive advantage. For medium and smaller companies, they typically cannot afford the preferred service. Fortunately,BizPayis changing lives and helping close the gap between long-standing empires and startups.

BizPay is a year into its mission to give companies an easy, client-tailored installment service that solves a multitude of cash flow burdens, especially those of paying recruitment firm fees upfront for a suitable candidate. Thanks to the reach and access that BizPay has to plenty of renowned recruitment agencies worldwide to allocate a satisfying fit for long-term employment or contract labor the company is effectively revolutionizing one of the most important parts of every business, human resources. BizPay handles all the fees for their clients so that they can focus on ruining their businesses. In time, installments are made to BizPay for their service, but the best part is that there are no lock-in contracts or hidden fees, just a simple fee of 0.9 percent to 2 percent per month.

“We find people are much more cognoscente of making sure they get it right with hiring now, as the cost of a bad hire is often extreme,” CEO David Price said. “At the same time, cash flow issues have been further exaggerated for most companies. So, during Covid, there has been even more demand for BizPay for these reasons.”

Job applicants who exaggerate or doctor their experience and abilities to land a job can often damage organizations as a whole. BizPay’s recruitment agencies are the best of the best and sift through the masses and conduct the interviews to find the perfect match.

“Managed Workforce Group have engaged with BizPay to support the growth of a number of our businesses within the group,” MWG Chairman Darren Wechsel said. “Their modern approach to invoice finance is refreshing and their effort to assist our business growth within some of our industries has set them apart. “

The uncompromising quality in customer service and flawless service offering has put BizPay on the map. More and more companies are using its services, especially now with lockdown restrictions easing up; companies are looking for available and competent replacements for the positions they had to lay-off or employees that felt uncomfortable working during a health crisis.

On top of helping businesses filter potentially deceitful applicants, the company has had a positive impact in the workplace by ridding financial struggles, BizPay’s services can be used for any invoice like clients that are not paying on time, advanced factory equipment, office rental bills, and more. Price and his team realized during this economic downturn that BizPay’s services could be applied to any invoice, and since their mission is to make their client’s lives easier, it was a no-brainer to expand the business model. For more information,


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