Binance associates with ZelaaPay

As the world economy is slowing down due to the pandemic outbreak and all the chaos being caused by it in every domain of businesses – crypto industry is seeing a constant surge as more and more people are now entering into the crypto realm during this period.

During these Work-From-Home times, we witness a recent news coming in from ZelaaPay which is one of the largest crypto staking platforms with more than 100,000+ customers from around the world and with a $15m upwards turnover which has just added a Binance integration within their platform.

Binance has given ZelaaPay their widget to add inside of the ZelaaPay web wallet which enables the customers of ZelaaPay to purchase cryptocurrencies using their Debit or Credit cards from within their platform, powered by Binance.

People can choose to pay in almost every currency of the world and can buy any cryptocurrency that is already listed on Binance.

This integration only continues to prove the credibility of the ZelaaPay platform and the high traffic the platform receives daily.

“Times of struggle have always delivered and introduced inevitable innovations and has driven the technology advancements forward. It is no surprise that a vast chunk of global population is now engaging and pushing the crypto race forward as this is the future of transacting wealth and we are just simplifying the process of getting involved into it with Binance. In near future, we see a lot more large scale collaborations and alliances coming up for ZelaaPay – all to be announced in due time, says the 21-year-old founder of ZelaaPay- Sahil Arora”.

The total crypto market as of early this year has surpassed the figure of $271 Billion and Bitcoin continues to break resistance beyond $7000 as of today.