BHN News believes Digital journalism is more of Analysis than Reporting

A cup of tea in the morning with the newspaper is the conventional to start mornings in India. But, since the past few years the romance of newspaper may soon be a nostalgic memory. The rapid growth of in mobile internet has coincided with the growth of online journalism as well. Today, there are nearly 500 Million users of the internet. With low-cost devices and better 3G/4G network being offered to the citizens the traditional journalism is slowly giving way to digital journalism.

Digital journalism is different from traditional journalism. It is recognized to as being a form of journalism content being posted on the internet. It is in text, audio, video, it does not have any print attribute. It is undeniably much faster than traditional journalism which happens to be the most important reason for its rapid growth presently.

Many News Web Portals are producing content at a very fast pace. They give real time news in no time, which contributes in setting it apart from traditional journalism. Considering that we all have a busy life and don’t necessarily have the time to read a newspaper on daily basis, brevity plays a vital role in our lives today. A print journalist produces an in-depth article, whereas the news content is consumed on a five-inch mobile screen now a days. It is an interactive medium where the reaction and the response of the audience is also quick. One of them is BHN News which believes- ‘Digital journalism is more of analysis than reporting’.

 “The world is changing every minute, and each one of us has an inherent desire to remain updated about these changes,” Founder of BHN News, Mohd Badar said. “Both BHN News Portal and App are aimed to help some of these people in their quest of keeping themselves informed and we are thrilled to serve the public this way.”

Founder of BHN News Further said, With the blossoming of electronic communication tools and platforms, news organisations have discovered a plethora of new opportunities in information delivery, as well as the challenge of interweaving data privacy and security with innovation.

In the digital age, eyeballs are currency, and many newsrooms have been focused on creating “viral” content to draw in as many eyes as possible. But as we head into the future, the importance of quality content has started to overtake the need for virality – digital newsrooms want to be known for their hard-hitting, groundbreaking stories.

“It’s all in the telling,” BHN News Founder explains. “You need to pique curiosity. You need to get people’s attention, hopefully to inform or at least enlighten.” While these viral stories sure are entertaining, they’re not always shining examples of journalism at its best. With the importance of a free and truthful press being talked about by so many people over the past few years, we should see a sharper focus on this in the future. 

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