BeReal Sold to Gaming Giant Voodoo: Future Uncertain for Anti-Filter App

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BeReal Sold to Gaming Giant Voodoo: Future Uncertain for Anti-Filter App

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Time icon June 12, 2024   | Last Updated: June 12, 2024 at 11:02 AM

BeReal, the social media app that rose to fame for its emphasis on unfiltered moments, has been acquired by mobile game developer Voodoo for a cool €500 million ($580 million). This news comes after a period of slowing user growth for BeReal, raising questions about the app’s future under new ownership.

From Startup Darling to Uncertain Future

BeReal launched in 2020, offering a refreshing alternative to the curated perfection often seen on other social media platforms. The app’s core feature is a daily prompt that sends users a notification to capture and share a photo of themselves and their surroundings within two minutes. This focus on authenticity resonated with many users, propelling BeReal to the top of app store charts in 2022.

However, BeReal struggled to maintain its momentum. Expanding beyond its initial user base proved challenging, and the app faced difficulties in establishing a sustainable revenue model. This ultimately led to its acquisition by Voodoo, a company known for creating casual and hyper-casual mobile games.

Voodoo’s Expertise: A Lifeline or a Reshaping?

Voodoo’s expertise in user acquisition and engagement strategies could be the key to BeReal’s revival. The game developer boasts a vast user base and a proven track record of keeping players hooked. This knowledge could be invaluable in helping BeReal attract new users and retain existing ones.

However, some users are apprehensive about the acquisition’s impact on BeReal’s core identity. Voodoo’s primary focus on games often involves in-app purchases and monetization strategies. This raises concerns that BeReal’s commitment to authenticity might be compromised in favor of generating revenue.

Co-Founder Steps Down, Leaving Future Direction Unclear

Adding to the uncertainty is the departure of BeReal’s co-founder and CEO, Alexis Barreyat. He will be stepping down after a transition period, leaving the app’s future direction in the hands of Voodoo’s leadership. Whether Barreyat will remain involved in an advisory capacity is yet to be determined.

The Road Ahead for BeReal

The coming months will be crucial for BeReal. It remains to be seen if the app can leverage Voodoo’s resources to overcome its growth challenges. The ability to retain its user base and attract new users while upholding its core values of authenticity will determine BeReal’s success under its new ownership.

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