Beijing might restrict visas for US visitors with ‘anti-China’ links

We have seen that the US-China trade war has made it difficult for the world economy to grow as well as it is seeing a slowdown. On the other hand, we are also seeing the risk of a recession in the US economy and the same can be said about China’s economy too. However, it is also worth noting that the trade talks between the US and China are resuming from Thursday this week. Before the trade talks, however, we reported that the US administration has added few more companies from China to its blacklist because of the atrocities that are taking place against minority Muslims in the Xinjiang province.

The US administration blames those companies from China for “playing a role in China’s campaign against the Uyghur Muslims”. But we must also add that this does not go down well with China who is looking to do high-level trade talks this week. Thus far, we have seen that the US government is taking all the actions against China like adding companies to the entity list and levying tariffs on Chinese imported products.

However, we are now seeing that China is in no mood to back down as well. Because we have been getting reports that China is planning tighter visa restrictions for U.S. nationals with ties to anti-China groups. This is according to people familiar with the matter as reported by CNBC. This is also seen as a retaliation to introduction by the United States of tighter rules for visas for Chinese scholars in May.

According to a source mentioned in the report, it said that “This is not something we want to do but we don’t seem to have any choice,” while adding that “The plan has been widely discussed by senior police officers over recent months, but made more likely to be implemented after the Hong Kong protests and the U.S. visa ban on Chinese officials,”