Bachelor In Paradise Islanders Suspect Chris Conran & Alana Milne Were Dating Before

Chris Conran raised fans suspicion when he kissed new girl Alana Milne on Bachelor In Paradise. Something told the islanders that the alum was hiding the truth. He was suspected to have a preexisting relationship with Alana.

Stephen Carbone had shared updates about the show earlier this year. He wrote in his blog, “Alana Milne was involved with Chris Conran (Clare/Tayshia’s season) once she arrived, but people thought they were scheming because they hung out pre-show, and both eventually ended up leaving the same episode separately.”

Jessenia had left Ivan Hall to be with Chris but now that he has moved on, she is heartbroken. The girls though are supporting her and are helping her go through this. Even the men are not happy with what Chris did as everyone suspected him when he walked around “moping” and “crying”.

Nobody believed in him especially Jessenia and they all were on her side. Chris was left along with his thoughts. However, fans of the show were shocked that Chris pulled something like this off. A user expressed on Twitter how they are happy to see everyone take Jessenia’s side and not Chris’. Meanwhile, another user said Chris looked like a “tool” when he walked in and proved he was “awful very quickly”.

Another user wrote, “Aaaand I’m throwing Chris into the garbage right next to Brendan and Pieper. #TRASH #BachelorInParadise #bachelorinparadiseabc.” Back in May, Jessenia had posted a group photo of some of the stars from Bachelor Nation. Fans noted that it was obvious that Jessenia would leave Ivan Hall for Chris. Katie Thurston, however, has addressed the rumours as she said they were only friends.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres every Monday and Tuesday on ABC at 8:00 pm Eastern Time (ET).


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