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Ayesha Omer Reveals Ideal Qualities Of Her Future Husband

Ayesha Omer is a confident and admirable diva of the Pakistan Showbiz industry who started her career as a model in 2000 and today she is known as one of the leading actresses, Host and Singers of Pakistan.

Ayesha’s father died when she was just a few years old. Her mother suffered greatly to raise Omer and her older brother, who is also a non-artistic person. He is currently single.

Ayesha Omer in an interview with “Mira Sethi” revealed the qualities she wants in her future husband.


Mira Sethi and Ayesha Omar talk what it is to be a bold woman in Pakistan -  Art & Culture - Images

Ayesha Omer, speaking of the kind of life partner she needs, said “For me the definition of a good partner can be a person who is respectful, not only with me but all living beings and who should not feel insecure in his existence.”

Ayesha stressed and emphasised upon the quality of her future husband of ‘being respectful’ again and again throughout the interview. She also said he should respect women.

Humorous And Adventurous

“To acknowledge the fact that there is something wrong or any disturbance going on, that’s the type of person I want in my life. Someone who is willing to know that we all are human beings, nobody is perfect”, added Ayesha.

Ayesha further said that “Core values should be on point. He should have a good sense of humor and should be adventurous. That person should have love for food and most importantly taking care of his health must be an important thing for him. I’ll not be attracted towards a person who is not invested in taking care of themselves.”

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