Aventi Watch: Shattering the concept of brick and mortar offices with its 100% remote team

A new watch brand emerges with its “officeless” model from concept to delivery, and it’s working.

A single mom in Denver. A married father of two in Dublin. A young man traveling the world. What does this unseemly trio have in common?

They are part of an elite team of professionals poised to disrupt luxury watch brands.

With Hannu Siren at the helm as CEO of Aventi, this 100% remote team operates as one cohesive unit from research and development, to marketing, even delivery.

Remote work is nothing new with today’s technology, and the benefits are touted in world-renowned publications such as Forbes. However, nothing like this has been seen before in the watch industry.

It’s a business structure that Hannu designed in his early days of his entrepreneurial career. He recognized not only the financial cost of traditional “corporate offices” and manufacturing plants, he also sees its limitations with regard to hiring top talents around the world.

And that is exactly what he does.

Without the tether of a fixed location, his team not only enjoys flexibility in their personal lives, they also have the added benefit of access to artistic professionals in every major region, for on location photo shoots at prestigious events. Something that would be impossible in a traditional business model.

Money that would normally be allocated to typical expenses like staffing and building maintenance, Aventi applies towards engineering and innovation.

One such project was working directly with the manufacturing plant contracted to create their 100% sapphire crystal case, an undertaking with massive challenges in and of itself.

Most watch manufacturers are limited to typical watch shapes and sizes: round, rectangular or square. The Aventi Sapphire mimics the curves and angles of today’s supercars. Using laser technology applied in automotive design, they were able to cut the sapphire crystal to exact specifications and finish the case with hand-polishing.

Aventi’s trim and remote team keeps costs to a minimum even while flying their product development team to the plant in order to work hands on with its engineering department.

There appears to be no downside to this 100% remote business model, something Hannu plans to develop into a formal template for businesses in countless other industries.

The Aventi crowdfunding campaign launches in April 2020, proving that some traditions are meant to be challenged. Find out more about how Aventi Watch is changing not only the face of luxury timepieces, but the very heart of the business: its people. www.aventiwatch.com