Audience Cherishes Glow In The Dark Singer Patrick Carroll’s Performances

Music is the language of the soul. Phenomenal music artists are aware of this fact and they make the audience fall in love with their performances by capitalizing on the right lyrics.

Patrick Carroll shares his experience through out his journey from being an amateur to a professional musician over a period of time.

Patrick Carroll, a singer and song-writer started off in Traverse City fronting an influential rock band by the name of Tanooki Suit. It was here where Patrick says he learnt the crucial ins and outs of music. He learnt to connect with the audience during this band days.

Patrick Carroll, before embarking on a solo career had also co-founded the Blackwater Valley Songs. This was a supreme collective of musicians from his hometown that went on to make big records in the industry.

Members of BVS were mostly from his previous band Tanooki Suit. His passion and dedication forced the previous members to join him in his journey. However, he no longer is affiliated to the band because he choose to embark on a sole journey as a musician.

In 2013, Patrick Carroll partnered with a well-reputed music label Earthwork Music to release his debut album ‘Glow In The Dark’. It went on to fetch hundreds and thousands of listeners the time it was released.

Patrick recalls being nervous before the release of the album but at the same time he was positive because he believed in his talent.

Some of the most popular songs of Patrick Carroll are Car Crash, No Use, Parachute, Bulletproof, and Separate Beds.

The songs can be listened on YouTube or streaming platforms such as Deezer and Apple Music.

Patrick Carroll is certainly not someone who would stop after a small taste of success. He has many more projects brewing in the pipeline and the news of his new single/album can hit the market anytime soon now!


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