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Ashley Tisdale Revealed The Gender Of Her Baby

Ashley Tisdale revealed the gender of her baby on Friday. She revealed that she will be having a baby girl.

The High School Musical actress and her husband, Christopher French took to social media to reveal their baby’s gender. The couple was cutting a cake which was filled with the color pink inside it.

Ashley was sporting a simple white dress with large black polka dots. She was smiling all the way as she cut into the gender-reveal cake. The actress captioned the post and wrote how this year has been hard for so many people.

The star said it has been an emotional rollercoaster and she shared how this was her favorite day “EVER!” She revealed that she was so happy that she cried. However, the actress also pointed the attention to people who take sex reveal parties to another level.

Ashley said adding that extremes like-colored explosives that started Southern California’s massive fire last month. She wrote, “Ps for all you people going above and beyond for gender reveal parties. A cake with the color inside is JUST as rewarding as fireworks but SAFER!’ she concluded, adding the hashtag, ‘#SheSoFrench.”

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody actress shared her first photo earlier this month and asked her followers if they want her to share the baby’s sex. She wrote she has been wondering about sharing the gender of their baby. The star continued sharing that her fans know she liked to keep as much as she can close to her heart. However, she said she is excited and she might consider it.


Ashley’s due date is during the spring as she shared updates about her baby this week and revealed it has been four months. The actress revealed her pregnancy last month without a caption last month. She was donning a white dress as she rested her head against Christopher and cradled her baby bump.

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The star, however, took to her blog, Frenshe, and wrote, “IM PREGNANT!!!! Wow, it feels so good to finally share this news with you guys! Where do I even begin?” She revealed how everyone questioned her about being pregnant since she got married. Ashley revealed that she rebelled against it because as soon as she got engaged everyone asked her about getting married.

Ashley explained, “Then, once I was married, everyone was asking when I was having kids. To be honest, it just felt invasive. I wasn’t ready for that step yet and I wanted to be selfish and have Chris all to myself for a while. Honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

The fan-favorite revealed having a tough time during her first trimester and informed that things settled down after that. She wrote she has had her share of highs and lows during quarantine but she feels grateful for this gift.

Ashley explained, “I definitely fall somewhere in the middle where I didn’t just have nausea, but threw up a couple of times and felt like I’ve had stomach flu for three months (Lol!).” The actress and her husband, Christopher celebrated their sixth anniversary on September 8. The couple had tied the knot in 2014.

The actress kept her marriage hidden from the world and asked her guests to turn in their phones and cameras during the wedding. The couple dated for two years before tying the knot.

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