Ariana Grande Sends Food Trucks to Voters Waiting in Line News

Ariana Grande Sends Food Trucks to Voters Waiting in Line

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Time icon June 25, 2020

Ariana Grande sent food trucks to Kentucky primary voters who were waiting in line.

The ‘Thank You Next’ singer arranged food and coffee trucks for the people waiting in line to vote. The people were standing outside the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville.

Grande sent food and coffee from the nearby coffee shop Blackbeard Espresso. She sent in tacos from Latino Food Truck.

Ariana wrote on Twitter that she has sent some food and drinks for people waiting in line. She requests people to pull up and enjoy. Ariana urges them to use their voice today saying, “we need you”.

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With her message on Twitter, she also posted a few pictures of dedicated voters waiting to participate via Black Voters Matter.

LATino Food Truck also chimed in with their excitement on Instagram. Their caption read, “when @arianagrande calls you in the 4th quarter, you get up early and get the job done.”

The restaurant staffers also added saying how proud they are to know Ariana Grande. They urged people to vote saying it is their right. The popstar responded with gratitude wishing she was there with them that day.

The account dedicated for more engagemebt of black voters, Black Voters Matter, also thanked Ariana Grande for the incredible work that she did. “love uuuuuuuu so much ! thank you for the incredible incredible work you’re all doing !!!!!” She responded requesting people to pull up with a bunch of black heart emojis.

There was only one polling place open due to the pandemic, in some countries. Kentucky Expo Center is open for all of the Jefferson County. Several voters revealed about backups in traffic which leads to the polling place. Lines were seen even after the 6 p.m. cutoff time.

The judge apparently allowed the polling place to be open for more half an hour but refused to be open till 9 p.m., according to CNN.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said in a statement that they offered the nation a model of success in conducting an election amid pandemic.


Futher he expressed that he is proud of Kentuckians for voting. “While all eyes were on Kentucky, we offered the nation a model for success in conducting an election during a pandemic. I’m proud of Kentuckians for exercising their rights, and proud of the bipartisan coalition who worked with me — the Governor, State Board of Elections, county clerks, and poll workers — to make this election both successful and safe,” he said.

Ariana Grande has been vocal about her support for Black Lives Matter. She attended one of the protests after the death of George Floyd. Grande encouraged her fans to practice their right to vote in all elections.

The artist took to her social media account on June 3 and wrote that progress was made. But further cautioning her fans writing “lets not get distracted.”

Grande further wrote saying there is so much to learn and do. “There is still so much to learn and do. please make sure you are registered to vote and ready for your state’s elections,” she wrote at the time, sharing dates of upcoming elections.

Grande also specified that voting from home is also possible. She wrote, “also, note that voting from home is an option too thanks to @headcountorg ???? also also !! today @campaignzero launched #8cantwait, a list of 8 policies to reduce police violence that can be changed immediately and save lives.”

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Grande urges fans to heck their localities and see what is possible.

Ariana Grande has time and again proven to be encouraging citizens to do the right thing. She recently became the first person to debut four of her songs at number 1.

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga’s latest collaboration about past trauma, became Gaga’s 5th and Ariana’s 4th song to debut at number one in Billboard top 100.

This comes after just two weeks of her collaboration with Justin Bieber ‘Stuck With You’.

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