Ariana Grande Paid Homage & Turns Jenna Rink In The Voice

Ariana Grande is showing off her poise during the live episode of The Voice. The 28-year-old Grammy winner is a first-time coach on season 21 of the NBC competition series. She attended the Live Playoffs on Monday, wearing the same look Jennifer Garner once rocked to portray her character Jenna Rink in the 2004 Rom-Com 13 Going on 30.

Although she didn’t spoke on her inspiration to channel the popular film character. Ariana took to her Instagram Story before the live episode to share footage of herself in the rainbow-hued Versace dress and offer her appreciation for Donatella Versace. Ariana wrote on her Insta-Story, “Thank you so so so so much @donatella_versace @versace and happy first live show !!!!!” the singer wrote. Later, Donatella reposted Ariana’s video to her own Instagram Story and included the message, “You’re truly breathtaking!!! I hope you enjoyed your first live show. Love u.”

Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink in ’13 Going On 30′
Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink in ’13 Going On 30′

Additionally, the official Twitter account for The Voice tweeted a GIF of Ariana blowing a kiss in her outfit and added the message, “We like your dress, @ArianaGrande”.

Jenna Rink Responded

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Indeed the original Jenna Rink responded to the homage at the time. Jennifer shared a clip from the music video on her Instagram. She even captioned it, “Every now and then something comes along and just brightens your day”. The Seven Rings singer even got compliments from Jenna, “@arianagrande you’re adorable. Thank you, pretty girl”. The singer caught wind of the post and expressed her excitement in the actress’ comments section.

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