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Apple Watch will save you from drowning, you will understand yourself you are in danger

Apple’s watchable device from the California tech company Apple Watch is the most popular in the premium segment. It has been revealed many times that due to the Apple Watch, the heart disease of the users has been detected and their lives have been saved. Very soon it may happen that Apple Watch automatically sends an alert to Emergency Services that you are in danger without pressing any button. Apple Watch still has the option of SOS alert but now Apple Watch can save you from drowning.

A patent has been published by Apple, which mentions such sensors, which will understand how much water pressure is on the user. In such a situation, with the help of new technology, wearable device will understand that the user is swimming, or is in some kind of danger and can drown. After this, an alert alert will sent to Emergency Services by Apple Watch, so that help can be called in time. This system will also pinpoint the user’s geo-location, so that the rescue team does not take time to find it.

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Multiple sensors:-

According to AppleInsider. The company’s patented ‘Portable Electronic Device Aid Health Companion’ has described as a system in which multiple sensors will work together. This way it can be detected that the user is in danger, or he needs some kind of help. The first sensor will detect how deep the user is in water, after this the second sensor will activate and detect the quality of the water. It will detect whether the user is in a lake, swimming pool, river or sea.

How the system will work:-

Another sensor found in the watch will decide on the basis of this data, what effect it can have on the health of the user, whether he is swimming or in the event of drowning. Also, after checking the health parameters, instant geo-location sensors will send help alert with the data, so that the user can be saved before the drowning. Many patents are filed by Apple, although it is not necessary to seen in all real life products. This network of sensors can save the lives of users, so the company is currently testing it.

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