Apple Vision Pro 2: Delayed or Scrapped? Tech

Apple Vision Pro 2: Delayed or Scrapped?

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Time icon June 25, 2024   | Last Updated: June 25, 2024 at 6:42 PM

Apple’s foray into the VR world with the Vision Pro has sparked curiosity about its successor, the Vision Pro 2. However, recent reports suggest a change in strategy, with Apple prioritizing a more accessible VR product over a direct upgrade.

While details about the Vision Pro 2 were scarce, industry insiders like Mark Gurman of Bloomberg believe Apple has halted its development. This shift in focus prioritizes a new, more affordable VR headset simply called “Apple Vision.” This new direction aligns with reports from The Information, suggesting a 2025 release window for the Apple Vision, compared to the possible 2026 timeframe for a potential Vision Pro 2.

Price Considerations: Premium or Practical?

The hefty price tag of $3499 for the Vision Pro makes affordability a key concern. With no official confirmation on the Vision Pro 2’s pricing, predictions suggest it would likely remain in the same premium range, especially with potential component price increases by 2026. However, the upcoming Apple Vision is expected to target a broader audience with a more attractive price point, possibly around $1500, but details remain unconfirmed.

Design Changes for Comfort and Convenience

Though details are limited, reports suggest significant design improvements for the Apple Vision. Addressing user feedback, Apple might focus on reducing the weight and size of the headset compared to the bulky Vision Pro. Lighter hardware could significantly enhance user comfort during extended VR sessions.

Another reported change aims to improve the user experience for those who wear glasses. The Vision Pro required users to purchase separate magnetic prescription lens attachments, creating logistical challenges for Apple. The Apple Vision might address this by offering custom-built headsets with pre-installed prescription lenses at the factory, streamlining the process.

The Future of Apple VR

While the Vision Pro 2’s future remains uncertain, Apple’s commitment to VR is evident with the upcoming Apple Vision. This shift in focus prioritizes affordability and user comfort, potentially paving the way for wider VR adoption. With a more accessible price point and potential design improvements, the Apple Vision could be a significant player in the VR market.

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