Apple and Google released COVID 19 contact-tracing tool News

Apple and Google released COVID 19 contact-tracing tool

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Time icon April 25, 2020

Apple and Google have promised privacy and security for exposure notification update contact-tracing tools

Two big companies Apple and Google have decided to make technical tools together. These companies will work on contact tracing technology with the help of Bluetooth and with its help the government and health agencies will get a lot of support in preventing the spread of corona virus. At the same time, Apple and Google have announced some technical details of the joint project. In this exposure notification, information about Bluetooth technology has been provided in mobile devices.

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Apple and Google have announced an update to the API to secure users’ privacy. Companies say that we are also taking many important steps to strengthen the privacy of the system. New updates have been released to strengthen the API. Explain that the API framework was first released on 10 April.

Approximately two weeks after the initial announcement of their project, Apple and Google report on its technological development, stating that the company is building a chain that promotes user trust, privacy and data security principles in this epidemic. Will help to curb. The two companies are working together on the other phase’s exposure notification solution, which uses Bluetooth technology on mobile devices to help with contax tracing.

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In addition, Apple and Google are encrypting metadata associated with Bluetooth. This step has taken by companies to strengthen privacy. Because it makes it more difficult to try and identify a person. Keeping this in mind, personal data is now encrypts.

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