Apology Demanded From Elon Musk For ‘Transphobic’ Remarks

In a series of tweets this week, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk mocked people who wrote pronouns that they would like others to use to describe themselves in their online bios. Now, the group that gave Tesla high marks as a good place for LGBTQ activists says they should apologize.

Companies are under more pressure than ever to build an inclusive and supportive diverse workforce. The practice of displaying pronouns in social media and in high bios is used by people who wish to show respect or refer to them as alternatives, gender differences, sex-liquid, non-binary or intersex. (Represented by T and Q in the LGBTQ dictionary.)

What Did Musk Say?

Apple executives Tim Cook and Greg Joswiak to use pronouns in their Twitter bios, for example. And Facebook settings allow users to customize their gender information with preferred pronouns, or choose not to display them if they wish.

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and chief executive officer of Tesla Inc., arrives at the Axel Springer Award ceremony in Berlin, Germany, on Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020.

Musk’s first tweet included the words “if you put him in ur bio” next to a picture of a soldier rubbing bloody hands on his face.

After fans and critics alike criticized the tweet, he defended himself by writing on Twitter saying, “I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare.”

Corporate Equality Index

He then pointed out that Tesla had the number one ranking on the Corporate Equality Index, an annual list of the best places for LGBTQ people to work.

That honorable list is compiled annually by the Human Rights Campaign, a charitable foundation that focuses on equal rights for homosexuals, gays and lesbians.

Now, the group says Musk should apologize.

“Musk’s insensitive remarks are in stark contrast to what the HRC’s Personnel Strategy that works with companies on a daily basis creates – providing employees with a safe, inclusive, and fair work environment,” the group wrote in response to questions from CNBC.

The organisation’s president Alphonso David emphasized, “Elon Musk’s sarcastic remarks contradict exactly what inclusive leadership looks like today. It was also decided that it was not in line with the best practices we advise companies. “He also said,” Musk should apologize. “

Tesla and Musk did not immediately return a comment.

Human Rights Campaign’s Response

Musk is accused of being transphobic in the past. In July, he wrote on Twitter that “pronouns suck,” but deleted the tweet after his partner, Canadian singer Grimes, confronted him.

Here is the full statement from the Human Rights Campaign:

The Corporate Equality Index (CEI) is a comprehensive measurement of workplace non-discrimination policies, practices and benefits critical to the full protection and inclusion of LGBTQ workers. Tesla scored a 100 on the 2020 CEI based on this crucial foundation of inclusive non-discrimination policies and benefits.

No benchmarking tool can fully account for the day-to-day experiences of LGBTQ workers. The CEI criteria alone are necessary foundations for LGBTQ inclusion but do not represent the entirety of what it takes to ensure a fully inclusive and welcoming environment. The CEI is not a cover for poor personal behavior, and HRC condemns Musk’s tweets mocking pronouns.

Musk’s insensitive comments stand completely contrary to what HRC’s Workplace Equality Program works with companies each day to create—providing employees a safe, inclusive, and fair work environment.


Tesla previously led the list of best places to work if you identify as an LGBTQ.

Now, the group behind that list – the Human Rights Campaign – says Elon Musk should apologize for the latest tweets that are considered transphobic.

HRC President Alphonso David said, “Elon Musk’s sarcastic remarks contradict exactly what inclusive leadership looks like today.”


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