Andreas Vezonik – The Man Behind Transfera, Europe’s Banking Solution

The global economy is fluid, and those who can understand and manipulate it have found themselves in the laps of success and fortune. With the birth of new currencies, markets, and regulations, getting an edge in the industry is a puzzle that individuals and corporations are working to solve. Personal and public finances, the capitalist market, and the ebb and flow of the modern economy are just a few aspects of the field, and few have been able to grasp them all. But within this small sphere of market masters is Andreas Vezonik, a young entrepreneur with knowledge and capital far beyond his age. 

The 23 year old born in September of 1996 is a model example of the newest generation of entrepreneurs eager to do and be more than their predecessors. A native of Klagenfurt, Austria, Andreas is the CEO and CFO of two large companies, Transfera and VolumeX and provides financial services to customers around the world. And his story isn’t a common one. Andreas grew up in Klagenfurt, middle class and as an average student. But at the ripe age of 17, he discovered network marketing, and he was hooked. In the very beginning of his career, Vezonik worked for and with health product lines, but after coming into contact with the economic world, he took an interest in the science and products behind banking and finances. 

Vezonik hopped on board with a European corporation providing basic financial services, and quickly discovered both his passion and skill in the field. In just under two years of work, he was able to cater to over twenty-five thousand customers in Europe, and do almost twenty five million dollars in sales. And after taking to the job easily, Vezonik knew what he wanted to do with his career.

In 2018, Andreas founded his first company, VolumeX, with two business partners. VolumeX quickly gained traction with an international network in over 35 different countries, and is now one of the most efficient and exponentially growing crypto and forex trading and educational platforms in Europe. But a year after Vezonik’s first entrepreneurial venture, he founded his second company, Transfera (, where he is the CEO and Chief Supervisor. 

Transfera is on its way to create waves in the European economy the likes of which people have never seen before. As one of the first European regulated entities providing cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, and issuing MasterCards, debit cards, and IBAN accounts, Transfera is the solution to everyone’s financial needs. With all of their services provided fast and securely, their app and management system are easy to understand. And while most people need an abundance of accounts and systems for the different businesses they do, Transfera offers an all in one solution with only one login for all of their products and services (including debit cards, exchanges, wallets, and bank accounts).

As Transfera’s CEO, Andreas Vezonik is shaping the modern financial industry and expanding internationally, with hopes of reaching over a million customers by 2022. 

Transfera is the solution to anyone and everyone’s modern banking and financial needs, and Vezonik is ready to continue to dominate the global economy with his company