American Horror Story Season 10 Was More Over-The-Top News

American Horror Story Season 10 Was More Over-The-Top

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September 7, 2021

The 10th season of American Horror Story was originally going to be more over-the-top as per Adina Porter. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story had premiered back in 2011. They have also created Glee, Pose and many other popular shows.

American Horror Story has been a hit with the audiences over the years and has been renewed through season 13. Every season acts as its own miniseries and tells a self-contained story. Many prominent actors have appeared on the show throughout the series. Adina is another actor who has appeared in various seasons of AHS.

AHS: Double Feature season 10 marks as her fifth appearance on the show. She plays Chief Burleson who is the new head of the police department. Season 10 has maintained a serious tone so far and this came as a surprise to viewers who were used to the sillier quality.

The actress revealed to TheWrap that AHS: Red Tide had went through some changes between when the episodes were filmed and when they aired. She said that season 10 was “a little bit more over the top, line-wise and character-wise”. The actor shared, “There’s what I’ve read in the original script that was given to me. And then there was what I performed. And then the editor created things. And I was surprised at what has made the show and what hasn’t made the show”.

Adina’s character did meet an untimely end in the season. She did not give anything away about what will be happening moving forward however, she did say that anything can be possible.