Amber Heard Responds to Backlash Over Her Outfit While Visiting a Mosque

Amber Heard has been receiving a lot of backlashes during the Johnny Depp trial as well as after the case. The actress addressed the outfit she recently wore during a trip to a mosque.

She is back in Istanbul at this time and she posted a picture of what she wore while visiting a mosque. Along with the image she captioned it saying, “Spent the day wandering around the magic of Istanbul’s mosques and couldn’t be more in love with this gorgeous city…”

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In her photo,Amberis wearing a white blouse with an open button-down shirt on top while also wearing a pink headscarf. Soon after she posted the picture, she received major backlash for her outfit.

One user wrote that Amber has no respect for religion or race and says it is not the first time people are witnessing this. The user further said she used the hijab as a fashion accessory and posted a picture. They added, “Hair & neck showing and braless. She posted this before and took it down immediately but has now reposted.”

Another user accused her of being fake and said that she is trying too hard. After an entertainment portal posted an article about the same, she responded. Responding to the article she said whoever has been paid for the article hasn’t been paid enough.

The actress further added, “I’ll make it easy(ier): Mosques are real places. So are museums & churches. So are head scarfs (where they are sometimes required n order 2 visit). Mystery solved.”

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Heard Claims Depp Was Abusive

Last month, Amber addressed her being in court because of Johnny Depp’s libel case against The Sun. Depp is suing The Sun’s publishers and executive editor for an article describing him as a ‘wife-beater’. He has denied being abusive to any woman and claims that Heard was the abuser.

Heard has accused Depp of being violent with her and made 14 allegations claiming he was violent. The incidents are alleged to have happened between 2013 and 2016. These claims are said to have taken place in a rented house in Australia, a private island in the Bahamas, and a private jet.

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Amber Heard claims Johnny Depp threatened to slice her face up as her sister also takes to the stand to give her testimony. Heard also claims she walked into her ruined Australian mansion to find raw meat hidden everywhere. She claims smeared mash potatoes all over and also ripped her nightgown.

Depp claimed that Heard was the one who abused him but Heard claims the opposite. As the actress finishes her testimony, she continues to blame Depp constantly describing him as the violent one. Heard showed texts to her mom describing Depp as ‘violent and crazy’. In the text exchange, she told her mom she was heartbroken because this is who she loves.

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Heard claimed Depp hit her over an argument despite telling her mother in the text exchange that he was not being violent with her. When asked about the same, Heard said she was not being truthful to her mother.

Depp has denied ever being violent with the actress, claiming she was the abusive one in the relationship. He is suing the British tabloid The Sun over a 2018 story that labeled him a “wife-beater.”


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