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Alibaba Fires Senior Manager Accused Of Sexual Misconduct But CEO Is Not Happy – Why?

E-commerce giant Alibaba has shown severely strict reaction to a female employee’s report of sexual harassment by her senior manager.

The senior manage was fired from his role and Alibaba Group said that he will never be ‘rehired’. 

Why Is CEO Daniel Still Not Happy?

However, with this action taken, the CEO of the company is still not satisfied. Why?

CEO Daniel Zhang has said that the HR team “did not pay enough attention and care to our people.” He has announced new training for all employees of the firm on employee rights and anti-sexual misconduct.

CEO Daniel Zhang also hinted towards having an ‘emergency response system’ in place so swift action can be taken without any delays.

‘Zero-Tolerance Policy’

The company has been laden with plenty of troubles already as Chinese authorities crackdown on the tech sector Qof the country. With so much already happening, AliBaba does not want to endure any further damage to its brand image.

“Alibaba Group has a zero-tolerance policy against sexual misconduct, and ensuring a safe workplace for all our employees is Alibaba’s top priority,” a spokesman of the company said.

The Incident

Talking of the incident, the female employee was forced by her ‘senior manager’ to drink excessively during a business meeting. She claims that the next thing she remembers is that she woke-up up without clothes in her hotel room.

The female employee said she ‘briefly’ remembers her manager Mr Wang kissing her and touching her.

Mr Wang admitted to ‘intimate acts’ with the female employee and was immediately suspended from his role in the firm.

The company memo also mentioned “Whether he has committed rape or indecency that violates the law will be determined by law enforcement,” the memo said.

What do you think about Alibaba’s response? Was it swift enough or does the company needs a better ‘culture’ and ‘capacity building’, as CEO Daniel Zhang believes. Tell us in the comments.

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