Ali Askarov – The Story Of Perseverance And Never Giving Up

Ali Askarov is a young up coming entrepreneur. He has over 16 years of experience in managing and marketing for celebrities from different industries such as entertainment and music. In all these years he has worked as an excellent manager and managed models like Karl Wolf, Kiki Rowe, Deena Theodora, Dios Santos, and Alberto Choa. These celebrities are loved by all of us but there is always a hand behind them who guides them that gives them the right guidance.

Five years prior, Ali was a professional basketball player. He played in different countries such as China, Spain, Luxembourg, and Turkey. His most memorable stage in his basketball career was competing for his national team. Azerbaijan Basketball Federation also known as ABF is a national governing body of Basketball in Azerbaijan had a lot of praise for the young entrepreneur. 

Due to a knee injury, Ali’s basketball career was cut short. But for Ali that was just another obstacle in his journey to success. Ali said, “If it wasn’t for my knee injury id still be trying to play anywhere I can. Making money playing the sport you love seems cool when you’re playing professionally but, the money that came after my decision to hang it up does not compare”.

From being an ex-pro to an excellent manager he is taking his career to heights by also offering marketing and managerial services to various talents throughout the industry. This man always believed in trying something new and giving the best out of it. This is the reason that even a career change, Ali is successfully. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. That is the life motto Ali goes by. “There is little reward in life for things that come easy”.

Ali’s current project is taking on consulting for one of the largest logistic companies in North America. Ali and his team recently built one of the biggest truck stops in the country