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Alex Ketchum on the Challenges of Creating Viral Videos on YouTube

The number one achievement that all content creators seek is for a video to go viral. When a video hits viral status, this means that the video has gained popularity by being shared across multiple social media platforms. This can launch a creator’s career, however producing videos that have the right formula to achieve this status is no easy task. It does happen often that a video goes viral due to sheer luck, but Canadian Youtuber Alex Ketchum has broken down the formula to making a video go viral.

As a Youtuber who’s only just starting out, the key to growing an audience is to gain as much attention to your videos as possible. Despite only having his channel for a short time, Alex has been able to produce multiple viral videos that have gained attention from popular global publications such as LADbible and VT, who shared his videos and accumulated millions of views. However, it has not always been an easy road to gaining success for his videos, as Alex always has to push himself to consistently produce exciting and unexpected content.

According to Alex Ketchum, there are a few important qualities that a video needs in order to go viral. The first is an interesting title and an eye-catching thumbnail. Alex says that if you want someone to watch your video, you need to entice them to click it first. The next important quality is to keep the viewer engaged throughout the video, and then leave them wanting more. Alex believes that one of the biggest challenges he faces is creating unique and unexpected content. YouTube is saturated with so much content from thousands of creators from around the world, so it can be difficult to stand out. However, Alex Ketchum’s aim is to show his audience that he isn’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to making videos.

The foundation of being a successful content creator is coming up with strong ideas and concepts. The idea of a video should excite the viewer before they even watch it. This is what Alex Ketchum focuses on when he is in the process of coming up with a concept for a video. If the idea is strong and speaks for itself, then the title and thumbnail should reflect that. The viewer will see this and become interested, wanting to know how this idea plays out. If they like the execution of the idea, the quality of the video, and the personality of the creator, then they will subscribe. The more views a video has then the more people are likely to subscribe, thus expanding the influence of the creator. However, according to Alex Ketchum, gaining support at the beginning of your career as a Youtuber can be difficult. People often choose not to support smaller creators and instead gravitate toward creators who already have a high subscriber count. This can be a difficult obstacle to overcome, however, Alex Ketchum’s humor, creativity, and dedication to producing high-quality videos have allowed him to produce several viral videos in a short amount of time. With his potential and formula for success, Alex Ketchum will surely rise up in the ranks of YouTube stardom.

You can check out Alex Ketchum’s YouTube channel here.

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