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Ahead of Uttarayan, team Affraa Taffri kickstart film promotions in Ahmedabad

Team Affraa Taffri kickstarted film’s promotion in full swing ahead of the Uttarayan festival. They recently visited Ahmedabad for a promotional event and going by the pictures seems like it was one fun-filled outing for the stars. 

Khushi Shah, Mitra Gadhvi, Aakash Zala and others visited the ‘Maha Undhiyu’ party and created a fan frenzy by indulging in multiple fun activities like dancing, flying kites, singing, etc.  

Affraa Taffri is the story of a village named Vishrampur. The village leader Trikamdas is lying on his death bed and wants to fulfill his last wish which is seeing his granddaughter being married. However, the girl has no intention of getting married anytime soon. This twists the film into a complete entertainment package full of situational, slapstick, farce and dark humor.

Recently the poster of ‘Affraa Taffri’ created a lot of curiosity and fans are early awaiting the film’s release.

‘Affraa Taffri’ is a horror-comedy, slated to hit the screens on February 14. The film is helmed by Viral Rao. Apart from Mitra Gadhvi and Khushi Shah, Chetan Daiya, Shekhar Shukla, Smit Pandya, Ragi Jani will also be the part of this spooky entertainer.

Abdullah Fawaz

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