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After Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco wasn’t sure she’d be taken seriously

Kaley Cuoco was worried that after The Big Bang Theory ended, no one would take her seriously in Hollywood. The actress was part of the original cast for the sitcom and was the lone female lead for a few years. She played Penny for 12 seasons. Cuoco spent nearly a decade focusing on The Big Bang Theory and little else in terms of work as a result of this.

Cuoco, like her co-star Johnny Galecki, expressed interest in returning for season 13 of The Big Bang Theory. However, the series was officially cancelled after Jim Parsons announced his departure from the show. Rather than continuing with an incomplete cast, the decision was made to end The Big Bang Theory. Fortunately for Cuoco, she was able to easily transition to a new project with The Flight Attendant, which received great acclaim.

Words From Kaley

Cuoco revealed how she moved out of The Big Bang Theory in an interview with WWD, confessing she was worried that no one would take her seriously after her time on the show. While she had no objections to being linked with the show, she wanted to branch out in her career. Cuoco elaborated:

Even though Great Bang was such a big smash, I didn’t know if I’d be taken seriously following. I didn’t know if I was going to be, ‘Oh you’re the girl from Big Bang’ — which, by the way, if that’s how things were going to go, I would have been OK with it. Because being the female in Big Bang was a blast. But I knew I had to move forward and find the next project to begin this new route, regardless of whether the company, the fans, or the rest of the world accepted it or not. [I didn’t know], but I had a feeling this would be the next effort.

Blessing In Disguise

It’s understandable that Cuoco was concerned about the show’s conclusion. It meant she had to carve out her own route, one that went beyond what she had been doing for the previous 12 years and what audiences had come to expect from her.

Fortunately, Cuoco has stated that the finale of The Big Bang Theory may have been a blessing in disguise. It sounds like, despite the fact that transitioning from something she was quite familiar with to a completely unfamiliar terrain was challenging, it was ultimately worthwhile. Aside from being a critical and public favourite, The Flight Attendant’s first season has received many award nominations, including an acting nomination for Cuoco.

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