Aditya Narayan Responds To Criticism By Amit Kumar About Recent Episode Of Indian Idol News

Aditya Narayan Responds To Criticism By Amit Kumar About Recent Episode Of Indian Idol

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Time icon May 12, 2021

Singer Amit Kumar who came as a special judge for the special Indian Idol event as a tribute to his famous singer father Kishore Kumar, was not happy with the performance of these young Idol artists.

In an interview immediately after the show Amit rode down to the show, Amit expressed dissatisfaction with the kind of respect paid to his father.

The young singer Aditya Narayan (son of a famous singer, like Amit Kumar himself) who is in charge of the show spoke about the opinion of Amit Kumar who is dissatisfied with the show.

Aditya’s Reply To Amit Kumar

“With all due respect to Amitji, it is not easy to respect the history of the legend in an hour or two.”

“But we always try our best to make a good show especially during the current given circumstances. As a result of this pandemic we were shooting at Daman with a limited team and staff, limited practice sessions, a separate set, etc. Each week we release new episodes where many other channels play their old content. ”

Aditya (with due respect), also wonders why Amit Kumar did not show his displeasure with the content while shooting.

‘If He Was Unhappy, He Would Have Just Told Us’

“Amitji has enjoyed this program many times and has always praised our contestants and our team. This time he was also brilliant in his praise. He was actually kind enough to share so many stories of Kishore da and we enjoyed and loved them all.

If he was unhappy with some of the program stuff he would have just told us at the time of the shooting and we would have been very happy to try to include his ideas. ”

As they say, party disaster makers can rain on your show at any time.

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