The Story Of The Cyber Mogul Aditya Belnekar

Data is the new currency!!’ The latest trend is data and like every other vague, only a few people with a vision got to make their mark on the spot. One such example is aditya belnekar,CEO and Founder of the ‘Teamwizardmedia’MARKETING, one of the esteemed digital marketing firm in India.

Aditya Belnekar Born in Mumbai,India.He is a 22 year old digital marketing entrepreneur. He is the founder of teamwizardmedia and other successful companies.he is promoting brand,celebrities and companies since past 5 years.

From the beginning Aditya was full of crazy ideas and strategies.He thought he can collaborate his ideas with digital world and became one of the youngest and most successful Entreprenuers across the globe.By his childhood Aditya was a blessed and talented child.He always keep thinking about buisness while his friends and classmates where busy hanging out.The hunger for succes inside him was the key which made him the shining gem.
In the days back Aditya was having great knowledge of content making and promotion tactics which made him the ‘king of digital world’

Nowadays he is also the member of XDA designing applications and softwares for reputed brands. He was having a great interest into cyber world 5 years back he decides to turn his interest into buisness and start making money which was a great step