Adin Ross Plans To Leave LA Clout House, RiceGum And KSI Are The Reason News

Adin Ross Plans To Leave LA Clout House, RiceGum And KSI Are The Reason

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Time icon July 2, 2021

The internet world has witnessed the nasty jibes that YouTuber and Twitch streamer RiceGum has taken on KSI, the YouTuber turned Musician and Boxer. But now, things are turning quite bad with LA Clout House members coming into picture. The first one is Adin Ross. He wants to leave the Clout House. Why?

Adin Ross Joins Clout House

Adin Ross moved to LA from Florida and joined the Clout House which accommodates plenty of big names of the social media world. Members of LA Clout house include RiceGum, Mike Maljak, FaZe Banks, and more.

Adin Ross joining the Clout House was hailed across Twitch and YouTube. The audience of Adin Ross grew exponentially on his streams after he joined the new house but now things have lost momentum. In a recent video that Ross posted on his YouTube channel, he explains his decision of why he wants to quit LA Clout House.

RiceGum – Adin Ross Brotherhood Turns Sour

After the KSI-RiceGum drama, Adin Ross decided to post a reaction video and this is when things turned sour between him and RiceGum. Even though the two are like ‘brothers’, RiceGum complained to Adin saying he did not like the way Adin was favoring KSI in the video.

“You’re not going to believe what this motherf**ker Rice told me two hours ago bro,” Adin said. “This dude genuinely looked me in my eye and said… He thinks I defended KSI! I never defended him, I stayed in my own lane!”

This really caused upset for Adin Ross and he feels like leaving the Clout House. In the video, he does not bad mouth any of his fellow housemates instead thanks everyone for being a major turning point of his career.

RiceGum And KSI Beef

It has been the talk of the town. KSI has been progressing at a rapid face conquering the music industry. He has ranked several times in the Top 5 of official UK Music charts and Billboard charts. This is when RiceGum took a dig at him and things went ‘phew’ after RiceGum roped in KSI’s anonymous girlfriend too.

KSI out out a response video to RiceGum’s ‘weird’ comments about him and called him ‘jealous’ because he can never achieve the success which KSI has. This is what’s been going on lately. What do you think about this whole drama?

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