Adele explains the hopeful and sad process of creating her latest song, Easy On Me

The previous week, Adele has been the talk of the town! Following her appearances on the covers of Vogue and British Vogue in the same month, the singer promised new music on Instagram Live and ultimately released her track Easy On Me this week.

Fans all over the world were naturally enthralled by her new song, which was inspired by “divorce darling, divorce,” as the vocalist put it.

Hopeful and sad process

Now, the 33-year-old singer has spoken out about the new song with Greg James of Radio 1 and revealed how it came to be! Adele discussed her upcoming album 30, saying that she had planned to release it in 2020 before the pandemic hit, as well as her recent social media actions, during their conversation. “I had no idea how to do it!” she claimed of her first Instagram Live, which made the headlines. “I was suffering from a cold sore. She said, “I was just wearing a tee-shirt.”

The British artist then spoke up about Easy On Me, saying, “It’s definitely me… It was the first song I composed for the album, which was around the beginning of 2019.

I was surprised that I was able to get it out so quickly. Before that, it had been four or five years since I had been back in the studio. I was making life decisions that had been well-documented…something there’s both hopeful and sad about it. She continued, “I certainly bawled my eyes out when writing and recording it.”

The singer revealed what she did during COVID-induced lockdown in the last two years, saying, “I love cooking.” I enjoy hanging out with my friends after bedtime, getting a little tipsy, and chatting about bullshit. With all of these streaming options, I’m spoiled for choice when it comes to movies. It’s all really mundane. I’m just going through the motions. Everything can be felt at times. “Sometimes I don’t feel anything,”


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