Addison Rae Admits Using Celebrity Dating App ‘Raya’ On Charli XCX’s Podcast News

Addison Rae Admits Using Celebrity Dating App ‘Raya’ On Charli XCX’s Podcast

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Time icon August 18, 2021

TikTok and Internet personality Addison Rae recently appeared on singer Charli XCX’s podcast ‘Best Song Ever’. While the two discussed about a host of topics, one topic stood out!

Rae and Charli discussed about using a celebrity dating app Raya. They had a deep conversation about the type of songs they like, the songs that Raya asks to choose for your profile, and guys on the celebrity dating app.

Types Of Songs Addison Rae Likes

Recently rumors were floating around that Addison Rae is in a relationship with guitarist and musician Omer Fedi. The two were seen together in Los Angeles and Addison Rae apparently kissed Omer Fedi in the car. None of them have given any reaction to the viral video.

Addison Rae and Charlotte talk about their taste in songs! They discuss the songs they loves; be it the ones at funerals, falling in love, and would dance to when they were ten years old.

Favorite Sad Song

Addison admits that her favorite song which makes her sad and helps her cry is ‘River’ by Leon Bridges. The first time when Addison Rae heard the song was from the show ‘Big Little Lies’.

Responding to this, Charli XCX brings in the celebrity dating app Raya angle. She said that the song reminded her of the dating app. Raya is a dating app and networking platform for entertainers and content creators. New users are only joined via a referral by existing customers.

Using The Celebrity Dating App

Charlotte talks about the app referring to it as “a little bit bougie and annoying” while Addison adds that users are asked to ‘choose a song for their profile’. This is when the two discuss about boys profiles on the app.

Charli says she “always remember seeing these boys and this song would be their song”. This is when Addison reveals that she was also a user of the Raya app and never saw boys who had the song on their profile.

In the rest of the podcast, Rae talked about “crying a lot” and being an emotional person.

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