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Actress Ruby Rose breaks her silence with an official statement since her exit from CW’s Batwoman

It came as a shock to her fans, when less than a week ago, CW and Ruby Rose announced her exit from the DC drama, Batwoman, confirming that she won’t be continuing for its second season. Rose took to her Instagram platform with an official exit statement breaking her silence on her surprising departure from the show.

An emotional fan made video of her character on the show, acknowledged and thanked her cast, crew, producers and fans who have supported her throughout her journey. She was thankful for the opportunity and happy to be a part of the DC universe. Rose also mentioned that it wasn’t an easy decision for her by any means, while also cryptically adding that “those who know, know..”

Reportedly, Rose was not happy while filming for the first season, and her behavior eventually made things difficult for everyone on set. It seemed like this wouldn’t go on for another season and eventually led to her exit from the show.


Rose went on to mention that she stayed silent all this while because she chose to, but wanted her fans to know how much she loved and adored them. Rose also stated that she was looking forward to the next season and playfully ended her message saying, “hangs up cowl and cape.” 

The DC Drama will be searching for “a new lead actress and member of the LGBTQ community, in the coming months,” according to a statement announcing the actress’s departure.

Her fans took to social media to show their love and support for the actress, claiming that the show wouldn’t be the same without her, while also reminiscing about her on-screen chemistry with Supergirl actress, Melissa Benoist. Her fans mentioned that though they were sad to see her leave, they respect her decision and look forward to upcoming projects she has in the works. 

There’s no telling when The CW and Batwoman teams will announce a replacement for Ruby Rose. However, Since ruby’s exit, there have been a number of actresses who have thrown their hat in the ring to play the role of Kate Kane. Some of the popular names include Jade Tailor from The Magicians, Fan-favourite Stephanie Beatriz who plays Rosa Parks on popular sitcom Brooklyn Nine Nine. Camryn Grimes, best known for her role in The young and restless is also interested in taking over the Batwoman role. Regardless, both fans and producers  should be hopeful considering there are quite a few people interested in becoming the new lead. The CW network is most likely set to return with its second season of Batwoman in early 2021.

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