Actress Reveals The Possibility Of Maria Rambeau's Return To The MCU

Actress Reveals The Possibility Of Maria Rambeau’s Return To The MCU

Lashana Lynch has recently talked about whether her character, Maria Rambeau will return to the MCU. The character was first seen in the 2019 superhero movie, Captain Marvel. This was before the character was again mentioned in WandaVision.

Maria was introduced into the MCU as Carol Danvers’ best friend during her first solo movie when Carol was brainwashed. Carol regained her memories after reuniting with her best friend and younger daughter, Monica. Then Maria joined Carol, Nick Fury, and Talos in rescuing the refugee Skrulls from Yon Rogg and the Kree.

Maria has yet to return to the MCU but the actress, Lashana is about to appear in No Time to Die. It is the latest addition in the James Bond franchise that has its world premiere confirmed for September. This has in no way stopped fans from wondering if Maria will return in some form to the MCU. The actress discussed the prospects of returning to the MCU in the future with RadioTimes.

Lashana stated that she is unaware of any possible return currently but would love to come back to the franchise after Captain Marvel. She said, “You’ll have to ask [Marvel Studios president] Kevin Feige that. In fact, I should ask Kevin Feige that. But you never know. Weirder things have happened in the franchise. I had a wonderful time on the first one and it would be great to have a wonderful time on another one.”

Her character has not appeared in the MCU after Captain Marvel. She was mentioned in WandaVision by her daughter, Monica, who will be a part of The Marvels. Maria is revealed to have established SWORD, the Sentient Weapon Observation and Response Division which secured Westview during the Disney+ series. It was revealed in WandaVision that Maria had passed away in the five-year period between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

However, MCU fans are aware that recent series and developments have made the storytelling process wider. Loki introduced the multiverse and Marvel’s What If…? has seen characters who were revisited like the character of Betty Ross. A return for Lashana as Captain Marvel’s friend in some form is obviously a possibility as the universe is offering limitless possibilities for the return of characters.

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