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Actor Luke Cage Discusses the Netflix Marvel Show’s Season 3 Possibility

Mike Colter reflects on Luke Cage season 3’s unrealized potential. Prior to the Disney+ shows that are currently dominating pop culture, Marvel tried to expand its cinematic universe into television through a number of series that had little to do with the films.

Luke Cage was the third Netflix original series, focusing on Colter’s titular hero with bulletproof skin. Luke Cage, which aired on Netflix for two seasons, was known widely as one of Marvel’s best shows for the streaming service. Colter’s portrayal, as well as the series’ depiction of Harlem and many social issues, was acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

Despite all of the acclaim, Luke Cage, like the rest of Marvel’s Netflix efforts, came to an abrupt end. The show was cancelled just a few months after season 2 began, and one week after Iron Fist was discontinued. The revelation came as a shock, considering Luke Cage was supposed to return for a third season.

The Netflix episodes, however, were cancelled due to the breakup of Marvel Television, and Colter made one final appearance as Luke in Jessica Jones season 3 before waving farewell to the role.

Colter Response

Colter is now starring in the CBS/Paramount+ blockbuster series Evil. Colter discussed what could have happened with Luke Cage in season 3 in a recent interview with Collider. First, he was asked if his debut as Jessica Jones provided him with closure for the character. Colter responded, “To be honest, it didn’t give me a chance to have any closure.”

This appears to rule out any genuine closure for Colter. Though fans have long expressed an interest in seeing the Netflix characters enter the MCU, Marvel has been silent on the subject. There have been reports that Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will feature in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but this does not guarantee that the other Netflix stars will have a future.

In terms to a potential Luke Cage comeback, things have stayed quiet. It would be amazing to see Colter reprise his role as Luke, especially after such a strong performance. But that doesn’t appear to be in the cards just now.

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