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Actor Jamie Chung Suggests Original Cast Will Return Dexter Season 9

Dexter season 9 actress Jamie Chung hints that for the next limited series, the old cast members will come back. The display ended with Dexter faking his death and laid low as a lumberjack in Oregon in 2013. Dexter’s last season was held back for many reasons, but many complained that the plot arcs for the principal characters were unsatisfactory. In October 2020, the network announced that Dexter season nine was going. Fans had challanged for Showtime to revive Dexter to address the end of this show.

Hall has so far been confirmed for the series by the only previous cast member. The network is dropping more information about revival with the start of season 9 Dexter approaching this fall. Trailers for revival reveal that Dexter returned to murder, probably due to Clancy Brown’s new opponent.

Season 9 of Dexter

It was seen at the beginning of the year that season 9 of the Dexter was mostly held in Upper New York, and Chung was cast as a real crime podcaster about a month later. How great a role Chung will play in the series is uncertain, but her details about season 9 have been potentially massive.

Chung discussed her role in Season 9 of Dexter in an interview with People. In addition to saying that it’s “darker,” the actress didn’t give anything about the plot but gave us an interesting leap about the cast. While Chung does not state directly that the original cast is returned, her statement definitely seems to show that.

While the limited series can correct many mistakes of season 8 Dexter, only so many Showtime can save the end. For example, because she died in the final, Jennifer Carpenter is very unlikely to come back as Debra Morgan. However, some other characters will eventually come to an end. The story of Angel Batista was not complete considering his lack of time on the screen compared to last year. The story of Hannah McKay and Harrison Morgan has been in Argentina. Hopefully, Dexter’s arc will be restored and Chung’s comment suggests the same treatment for other original signs.

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