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Actor from Titans: Superboy Shares Workout Photos of How He Got Jacked For Season 3

Joshua Orpin, who plays Superboy in Season 3 of the DC series Titans, explains how he won the part. The live-action Teen Titans series debuted as the most popular original show on the new streaming service DC Universe. It will, however, transition to HBO Max for its much-anticipated third season. The coronavirus epidemic caused some production delays for Titans last year, but it finally started up in the fall. Season 3 is set to air in August, and fans are eagerly awaiting it.

As evidenced by a recent social media post, Orpin appears to have taken his promotion seriously. Orpin shared his workout journey for Titans season 3 in a series of images. “We were attempting to get me a little slimmer and meaner this time around,” he added.

“Season 2 was about #cultivatingmass, this time around we were attempting to get me a little leaner and meaner.” “As long as I have the opportunity of portraying this role, I’ll continue to strive for the 100 percent unrealistic ideal imposed by my comic book counterpart,” Orpin said of his four-step technique, which includes working out with co-star Alan Ritchson. Finally, Orpin has achieved an amazingly buff appearance for the show. You may read the rest of his post by scrolling down.

Orpin also revealed in his caption that he’s been filming Titans season 3 for 9 months. The show’s finish is in sight, however it’s unclear when filming will be completed. Titans was meant to return last year, but the pandemic created difficulties, so it was postponed. Fortunately, fans can rest confident that the long wait will soon be over, and they will be able to witness Superboy and the rest of the squad in all their heroic brilliance.

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