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Abhay Deol To Feature In Disney Film Named Spin; Calls It ‘A Gem Of A Movie’

Actor Abhay Deol on Saturday announced that he will be starring in the Disney Spin movie.

It is an English youth drama that shoes teenage characters in the storyline. The Hollywood movie will only be available to American viewers on the Disney channel from August 13. Abhay Deol has said that Spin is a departure from his own status quo.

What Did Abhay Deol Say?

“I know that most of my audience love me for doing edgy, other kind of stories, which challenge the current ongoing situations. That’s why this film is so special as it is a departure from my own status quo, and catering to a much younger audience.”

“Spin is a Disney film which will go live on their platform for the US audiences on the 13th of August. It is a gem of a movie, that will leave you smiling and feeling good. Blessed to be a part of it!” Abhay wrote.

Storyline Of The Movie

The film features character Rhea (Avantika), a young Indian American who finds her passion in making her own DJ mixes that incorporate the rich rituals of her South Asian culture and the Western world around her.

Her life is centered around a group of her eclectic friends. Molly, Watson and Ginger, her after-school coding club, her family’s Indian restaurant, and her tight-knit, multi-generational family.

Everything changes when she falls for aspiring DJ Max and her long lost fervor for music is re-ignited. Rhea discovers that she has a natural gift for creating beats and producing music, but must find the courage to follow her true inner talent.

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