A small-town boy Syed Sujjad’s big dreams and larger success with CricTracker

We’ve heard several stories of small-town boys making it big on the grand stage. There have been instances where unknown cricketers from lesser known parts of the country emerged at the highest level and went on to become greats of the game. The story we’re telling today is one that unfolded off the cricket field, but the sport was still the center piece.

For Syed Sujjad Pasha, an aspiring youngster from a humble town Kolar failure wasn’t an option and immense effort looked like the only way out with a distant possibility of success. He decided to go down the effort path and after over half a decade is leading an extremely successful, rapidly growing internet company, that has employed over 100 sports fans like him in various capacities from full-time professionals to freelancers holding up other day jobs.

Sujjad who worked as an IT Executive in Liberty Shoes until 2015 was a cricket fan from early on in his life. He specifically remembers the event which triggered this drive for him. As a young boy, he was glued onto the television, It wasn’t just anything, but he remembers the particular spell from former Indian all-rounder Irfan Pathan that did the trick. Irfan on his debut tour of Australia. One particular delivery that stood out was an inswinging yorker to one of the best batters Adam Gilchrist. Gilly had no answers to that peach of a delivery.

Pathan’s inswinging yorker cleaned Gilchrist up and that was precisely when a football fan fell head over heels for the sport of cricket.

Sujjad who founded CricTracker in 2013 went on to meet his inspiration Irfan Pathan and that nudged him towards the second and the most important chapter of his life so far. From being a side-gig that could lead up to something, CricTracker soon became Sujjad’s hustle. The platform www.crictracker.com and it’s social media handles on Facebook and other channels was gaining popularity and so was its readership.

He had a handful of like-minded folks for company who also dared to dream big enough and they decided to pursue a career in digital sports media when it didn’t even exist in 2015. CricTracker from the inception was meant to be different, they created content that a bunch of 20-year-olds would love to read about their favorite sport and did that over and over again as consistently as they could.

CricTracker from being three guys working remotely from their homes in different parts of the country now has an office that houses the core team and a network of freelancers working from around the country. It hasn’t just proved to be a platform for sports fans to voice their opinions and follow their favorite sport but also created jobs for those who weren’t quite satisfied with the 9-5 and a regular life.

Team CricTracker into the 5th year of its existence looks well set on on the cusps of attaining something larger than all of them would’ve collectively imagined. With a stable and growing monthly readership of over 30 million on the website and multi fold more user engagement on their social media channels. CricTracker today is among the most agile and formidable content creators in the cricket space not just in India but across.