A Guide to The Early Morning Rave News

A Guide to The Early Morning Rave

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Time icon April 2, 2020

Sober early morning raves are the latest thing sweeping the nation and gaining massive popularity and many glitter encrusted revelers are waking at the crack of dawn to get funky with others like themselves.

We believe in balance and moderation at and this allows us to enjoy that occasional bottle of Merlot. But no matter what alcoholic beverages are being relished Thursday night, we are all pledged to be back on the mat for a Friday night of good exercise. But, to many people, alcohol is a staple for winding down and enjoying social encounters, so what happens when booze is taken from the mix?

So, we took it upon ourselves to perform intense and consistent research at the Morning Gloryville’s Beach Party in Brixton. Here is what we have found out about the Early Morning Rave.


Here, in your hair, there will be glitter galore. Glitter is the way to make a colorful splash at your sober rave and can be peppered on your person or part of your dazzling sequined outfit. These and a lot of other light up necklaces can really make the occasion a lot of fun.

Sober People

Yup, this may sound awkward to many. But, after many moons of stepping over ravers who have had few pints too many, this sober and responsible approach to good fun and revelry is so refreshing, even surreal.


That’s right! You can actually engage someone in a form of communications beyond the shouts for more shots. Best still you will get to meet people you have not met and in an atmosphere of acceptance and casual enjoyment. If you are a shy turtle looking for social connections, MGV is the place to hook up with people of all types.

A Range of Ages

Children can make people a little conscious about what they say and do, but at a sober rave they fit right in. Actually, they are probably the coolest people around. Typically, kids stick close to their parents in an event like this. But, these events are great for people of all ages and you may find yourself cutting a rug next to granny in her unicorn outfit.

House Music

Ok, house is not the best genre of music by anyone’s standards, but it kind of sets the scene for an event like this. The dancing is good for the heart and the beats don’t die down. We even invite guest DJs to join the thrills and fun and you may find some of your favorite performers.

Yoga & Massage

If you haven’t yet thrilled to glitter-covered Vinyasa flow while thumping to house music, don’t love it till you try it. This is something you will never forget and gives you a great new way to enjoy the invigorating exercise and even follow that up with a soothing chair massage.

Tasty, Tasty Food

At this time of morning, you are going to be hungry for sure. Satisfy your cravings with a wide assortment of delicious foods chosen for their high-nutrition and appropriateness to a sober rave. Vegan snacks, coffee and juices are the drinks of choice when enjoying life on zero-alcohol.

Basically, that is what you can expect in a sober rave – Is it strange? Yes! Is it going to be different from anything you’ve tried before? Absolutely! So, come on down. We hope to see you at our next sober rave.

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