A Combination of Creativity and Sheer Talent is what describes Actor Ali Adel the best

 Ali Adel keens his interest in acting and his recent performance as “Khader” has added milestones to his “No finish Line” mantra of life

An artist full of creativity and talent; that is what describes this young enthusiast the best, who hails from Manama, Bahrain. His creativity is an extended gift of his consistency, never give-up attitude, and approachable behavior. This Bahraini actor whose full name is Ali Adel Hasan Marhoon is a man of bespoke talent who believes that creativity is what prevails in one’s mind.

Ali Adel has literally started from the scratch to reach heights in his career. With no godfather behind, Ali Adel has learnt this art of acting by himself. Passionate about acting from a very young age, he stepped into the world of acting and took part in many small roles.

Ali Adel says, “You learn by doing and consistency is very important to understand the gist of acting. You explore new things about yourself, each time you try a different role.”

This Self-taught artist’s passion for acting started teething at a very early age. But at first he set out on a different journey. Ali travelled to Ukraine to study medicine but soon found out that this is not the field where his soul lies. He moved his drive towards acting which, as per him, proves his existence in a true sense.

Ali graduated from the “Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts” in Damascus in 2018 and also participated in various TV shows of Private Production companies. Ali Adel has been residing in the hearts of the Egyptian population since he made his debut in Asr Al Junoon in 2004.

One role that has set a milestone in his career is Khader’s character. Ali has earned a huge number of admirers through his “Khader” character in the successful Bab al-Hara series. Ali Adel is being loved not only in Egypt but in all parts of the Arab world.

Ali, with his nature of exploring new things, is already doing magic on the screen and will continue to do so in the future as well. Ali Adel is on a mission to steal everyone’s thunder with his art of acting.

Twitter Handle of Ali Adel: @aliadeltw


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