8 Celebrities Who You Would Never Expect to Own An RV

They may have fame and fortune, but these well-known actors, musicians, and celebrities love the freedom of a home-on-wheels; Celebrities Own An RV

You may watch them on TV, on the big screen, listen to their albums or read about them in the tabloids, but many celebrities love the freedom of owning a home-on-wheels just like the rest of us, and what’s not to love about hitting the road in a recreational vehicle?

Once again, RV’ing seems to be the latest craze sweeping the celebrity world — just like in the 70s and 80s. Actors like Will Smith and Ashton Kutcher often use these opulent abodes while on set, but famous people and their studios aren’t the target demographic for RV businesses. Some of these famous faces are first-time buyers who own moderately priced RVs and classic trailers, but other big-name stars shelled out millions of dollars customizing their luxury coaches.

Here’s a look at eight well-known actors, musicians, TV personalities and tabloid stars who you may have never guessed would have their own a motorhome.

1. Will Smith

Living large: Hollywood actor Will Smith has set up camp in New York by planting a 53ft double decker RV

Will Smith has a massive $2.5 million RV nicknamed — “The Heat” — a 1,200-square-foot mobile home is one of a kind, designed by the Big Pine Key, Florida-based company Anderson Mobile Estates. 

Inside the fancy rig is a fully equipped kitchen decked out in Italian cherrywood cabinets with church-style arched windows. There’s a space for Smith’s makeup and wardrobe needs. The satellite hookup on the roof sends Smith’s movies to a 50-inch plasma TV, which also features a 100-inch roll-down movie projector screen. 

Unfortunately, the neighbors weren’t so impressed, and Smith was forced to relocate the giant motorhome to a nearby parking lot.

2. Gwen Stefani

Gwen’s style! “No Doubt” the right choice: Plush white modern couches with marble flooring and countertops

She is the lead vocalist of No Doubt, singer-songwriter, and clothing designer Gwen Stefani has a decked-out RV interior that showcases her design skills.

Stefani chose a Fleetwood Pusher for her RV. The exterior has a reasonably standard paint job with brown and tan diagonal lines. But inside, the classy, fancy design reflects much more of the savvy for the “No Doubt” frontwoman, solo artist and “The Voice” coach. 

The inside of the trailer has marble flooring and countertops throughout, with large cozy white couches, and an adjustable sleep number bed. There is even a wine chiller! It has a black, white, and metallic-gray color scheme that gives it a chic and sophisticated.

3. Sean Borg

RV “newbie” Sean Borg settled for a luxury Fleetwood Storm 28MS

Entertainment personality Sean Borg is a newcomer to the RV world. The former Fox ‘TMZ on TV’ reporter — turned ‘Trivago Guy’ was spotted eyeing up some fancy motorhomes near Palm Springs recently. After checking out a Fleetwood Southwind 34c, Class A, a Winnebago Itasca Sunstar Class A, and a Thor Hurricane, the travel and lifestyle expert apparently settled for a Fleetwood Storm 28MS

This is the perfect vehicle for an RV newbie, like Borg. Inside the moderately priced coach that sleeps put six, are 3 TV’s. It features a large slide out along the roadside wall with an electric/propane refrigerator and huge wardrobe and pantry. The rear master offers a relaxing space with queen-size bed with dual bedside wardrobes with overhead storage. 

Its 28-foot range is the perfect size to gain entry into all the parks, making maneuvering easy. So, he is sure to have lots of fun on the road in this recreational vehicle.

4. Kelly Pickler 

It’s “shoe-time” folks! Inside Kelly Picklers luxury motorhome made for shoes!

Let’s get this “Shoe” of the road! Kellie Pickler has a girl’s dream of a motorhome — it’s a shoe lover’s paradise! It has innovative rolling shelves that store all of the singer’s stilettos. The “American Idol” Season 5 finalist named her beloved Tiffin rig Faye. The interior of “Faye” is as bright and shiny as the bubbly singer and dancer. 

The coach’s cottage-style interior has white furniture that stands out on the hardwood floors. The country music star has the same kind of icemaker that Sonic has, and a kennel for her dogs. On the bus, the piece de resistance is Pickler’s shoe closet with six racks of high heels. There are shoes everywhere. It’s a girl’s dream! As they say, there’s no “bus-iness” like “shoe-bus-iness!” (get it?)

5. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell’s luxury 2-story RV doubles in size at the push of a button

Former ‘American Idol,’ ‘X Factor’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Judge Simon Cowell has a 2-story rig that doubles in size at the push of a button. At 1,200 square feet, his motorhome has a clean and contemporary style with open spaces and large comfy sofas. 

The master bathroom comes with a freestanding tub, and so much more. The 53ft trailer is the same design used by Will Smith; the motorhome comes with a cinema with a 100-inch screen; it has marble floors throughout, an all-granite bathroom, and production offices. The beast of a vehicle has 22 wheels and weighs in a whopping 30 tons, and cost Cowell around $2 million.

6. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s RV is known as the “Skyscraper on Wheels.”

Like Simon Cowell and Will Smith, Mariah Carey spared no expense on her new motorhome, costing the songstress over $1.8 million for the lavish RV, which is known as the “Skyscraper on Wheels.” This traveling estate offers more than 1,200 square feet of space, including an upstairs dance club-style lounge area! 

Both sides of the trailer pullout to expand the size of the living room, which features a 15-foot long sofa and studio-grade surround sound. There’s even a fully lit vanity (with two television projectors) for keeping up Carey’s hair and makeup. 

The marble kitchen includes high ceilings, custom cabinetry, and several hideaway fridges. The second-story dance floor boasts a 35-footlong wraparound banquette—that sits up to 30 people at once—as well as two 60-inch screened TVs. Go, Mariah!

7. Matthew McConaughey

Architect Cristopher C. Deam designed the trendy Airstream trailer owed by Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey owns a trendy customized — Airstream trailer, which he keeps in an RV park in Malibu. He calls it his “man cave away from home.”

The Cristopher C. Deam, “CCD” is a 28-foot extended trailer with a dining table, banquette, living area, kitchen, bedroom and toilet with shower. McConaughey calls the bedroom of his Airstream “the honeycomb,” this is due to its shape. His favorite part of the motorhome is the rear window.

The Hollywood star uses the Airstream for travel, as a part-time home, and as an office. He managed his production company for two years from the trailer and held many meetings in it when traveling across the country.

8. Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s retired tour bus is called “The Gypsy Wagon”

International performer Dolly Parton and her husband love traveling around in their little RV. But believe it or not, Dolly’s love for RVs began back in the 1960s when old buses were being converted into RVs.

Dolly has an old retired tour bus called “The Gypsy Wagon” on display as one of the attractions of Dollywood in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, that has a whopping 600,000 miles on it. The bus was custom built-in 1994 by Prevost Car Inc. for $750,000.

The outside of the luxury RV is autographed by Dolly Parton herself and includes tons of makeup, wigs, and naturally, sparkly outfits. To this day, Dolly and her husband still like to take road trips in their motorhome.