70 CRORE! Did Aiman & Muneeb Really Spend This Much On Their Wedding?

Reel-life turned real-life couple Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt tied the knot in November last year. The star duo tied the knot in an intimatenikkahceremony with close friends and family in attendance. But do you know how much they spent on their wedding? A whopping 70 crore!

In a recent social media awards event, Aiman and Muneeb revealed how many crores they spent on their lavish wedding. There were many rumors going on that the duo spent about 70 crores.

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During the time the celebrity couple tied the knot, the two were known for spending money like water on their prolonged wedding ceremonies. In fact, so much so, that social media users began criticizing the couple for overspending money on their wedding.

A video of Aiman and Muneeb has been making rounds on social media, in which the celebrity couple revealed whether the rumors are actually true or not. So while they talk about it, Aiman tells that they were both away on honeymoon when these rumors began circulating.

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More so, they both were surprised to hear the piece of gossip. It should be noted that the wedding ceremonies of Aiman and Muneeb continued for several weeks. Quite a lot of functions took place during the wedding as well as after the wedding.

So are the rumors even true or not?!

Wait… have some patience. We are as eager as you to know, don’t worry.

In the social media awards function, during the segment of Q&A, a host asked the young couple if they really spent 70 crores on their wedding. In the video, you can see Aiman explaining that it was nothing but a word on the street.

So here you go! The rumors are not true. However, neither of them really disclose how much they actually spent on their big day. But Aiman sure did add that she wishes they could have spent such a whopping amount on it. LOL!

Pictures and videos of their big fat wedding remained viral on social media for quite a long time. In addition to this, even the social media users were lowkey fed up with the long-running wedding and its constant coverage. Moreover, the couple received a lot of backlashes.


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